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Threading the eye of the coffee cup today, as last night I was up late (as usual) pottering around the kitchen, putting the door panel onto the integrated dishwasher. It was far more complex and precise than I had hoped and it took me a while, but despite my wife's reservations ("wait for someone else to do it"), things were going well.

Until the last adjustment.

There are torx-head screws (star head) on the side of the dishwasher door to adjust the height that it slides down when opening and closing, and to get to them there is a slot in the aluminium sheet. I have plenty of Torx heads (this was a T-20 size), the problem was that the slot was too narrow to get the screwdriver with the bit in. The bit fit, but the screw head was too deep.

It is possible to turn Torx heads in other ways, one by using a flathead screwdriver, the other using an Allen key (hex head). No screwdriver I had was the right size to get the torque needed, no Allen key fit. So, I had to go to the hardware store this morning before work (no time after) to buy a new screwdriver, specifically for this purpose. Pretty annoying, since all they really had to do was not embed it so deep into the hole.

And onto other news…

(that wasn't news)
Splinterlands Plots are now attracting SPS and yesterday was the first payment I got on the 10 I hold. Ten is a nice round number for calculations. This is the drop:

That means that there is 1.4637 SPS a day for each plot of land held in-game. SPS is currently at 5.8 cents, so each plot attracts ~8.5 cents a day, so on ten, 85 cents. This means a region (1000 plots) will collect 85 dollars worth of SPS a day, with all plots (150,000) collecting a total of around $12,750 worth of SPS a day.

Plots are ~$220 at the moment, so in my case, that is 2200 worth of plots, collecting 85 cents a day, so current break even on today's prices is 2588 days, or seven years. I think this is what they call,

The seven your bitch.

However, collecting SPS on them in this manner is not the point of Land, this is just some kind of extra because people have bought and held for a couple of years without having anything usable come from it yet. Granted, they also added to the year-long SPS drop also, so there was something coming in on them for those who held, with many paying far less than current market prices for their Land holdings.

There has been talk about burning the remaining Chaos Legion packs as they aren't selling, but I am not sure if that is a good idea before the release of Land. As I have mentioned before, Land is going to have cards staked to it in a similar setup to a battle, which means a summoner and 6 slots, with what cards affecting the value of what is produced.

This means 150,000 Summoners are needed to fill all plots, with max cards with higher CP likely worth more than lower level cards. According to the distribution on Splintercards, there is a total of 800K regular summoner cards of all levels and 58,000 gold summoners. There are 3.75M regular BCX and 125K gold BCX spread amongst those cards, meaning that average regular BCX is only at 4.68, so a Rare summoner like Mylor looking like this:


To Max a Mylor takes 115 BCX or if you are a genius like me:



My point being though, there is very little possibility for all of the plots to have maxed summoners on them, because there just aren't enough summoner cards available. Land creates a supply shock like Splinterlands has never seen before and as people look to populate their Land, the playing meta changes, as does the rental market for playing cards as cards are removed from active circulation.

I also assume there will be a rental market for Land resources too, which will compete with the rental markets as well. This creates a tension of rental to reward ratio, where the value of what land produces will have to be considered against the value that rents for playing produces. And, the value of what land produces has to be considered with the cost of renting for land population is. For example, someone with a region of 1000 lots, will need 1000 summoners. Not many have 1000 Summoners, let alone 1000 maxed summoners.

There are just not going to be enough

So, burning now might be fun, but it might also mean that in short order, there would need to be another run of new packs anyway, which starts to look like revenue raising, rather than development. Getting land out first to see what happens with supply and if those packs sell seems like a more positive development process and if it does create demand for the packs, means that the run sells through, rather than it looking like a mistake and miscalculation that requires a burn off.*

I think that once people with Land realize how much resources they are going to need to get their land working effectively, many will find themselves short. With ten plots, I have enough summoners for my land, but will have to raid my playing deck and use the "little used" cards there. This will lower my playing capabilities, but I will also need 60 maxed cards, which is about 25% of all of my owned playing deck, which reduces my playing potential further. As others do the same, the rental markets are going to be very thin, which also means that those who are able to field a decent team having the potential for easier wins and with less competition on reward, pushing the value of playing up more.

For those who don't own land but do have cards, this is going to be a good way to go, as well as possibly delegating cards to landowners for a rental return of some kind. But whichever way one looks at it, for every action, there is an opportunity cost and while all have pros, optimization is going to be difficult for most due to resource scarcity, which means coming to terms with "missing out" on something.

I think crypto is a good place to learn how to miss out, as there is so much going on, that there is no way to stay updated with it all, let alone take advantage of it. It is a constant balancing of trying to take advantage, and watching others benefit from what was missed, with the opportunities missed, far greater than those taken. Splinterlands is just one game, yet has so much opportunity to miss it is crazy, and I always feel like I am behind. But, that is not the case - I am participating at the level I can.

Regardless of what is in our toolbox, sometimes, what we have available just doesn't reach far enough to do what we need it to do. Then we have to find another way, buy another tool to get the job done, or accept we can't and leave it alone. Control what we can, let go of what we can't.

[ Gen1: Hive ]


Please remember to sleep around your growing volume of nonsense to keep track of 🤣

I always assumed I would get into trouble for sleeping around.

I don't expect land plots to absorb 3, 4 or 5 cards each; any time soon.
I think we'll need to harvest resources for quite a while before we can upgrade the building and open up those multiple slots.
We might've sold out of the edition after Rebellion, before anyone assigns a fourth card to any plot.

Yeah, it is possible for sure. Is there any info on what it takes to upgrade buildings?

A lot of people assume we will be able to straight put maxed summoners and cards on land. However we already know the buildings will be tiered and you will need to upgrade them. To me it is then reasonable to guess that the lvl of building on your land will limit the lvl of summoners/monsters production, similar as lvl caps in different leagues work. In this case it might take a while before a lot of land has maxed buildings and maxed summoners are needed on all of them. But in any case the demand for summoners should go up (a lot).

@mattclarke was saying the same about it. Still though, it means leveling up summoners/ monsters that will likely be getting pushed up in price, so having maxes now might be more valuable, even if they aren't being used to full capacity.

Will be interesting :)

I understand @mattclarke's comment is on the amount of available working spots per land, whereas mine was on the max cap of each spot. Likely some sort of both could be implemented.

For example: You have a rare field with a lvl 3 farm built, this gives you 3 working slots, 1 for summoner and 2 for monsters. Then your rare summoner lvl 3 or any higher will be producing 30 wheat per hour. When you upgrade farm to lvl 4, you open up another working spot and the lvl 4 summoner (or any higher) will produce 50 wheat/hour.

Another possibility is that for the upgrades of the buildings themselves you will also need to assign summoners and monsters and have those "builders" work there for x amount of hours. That is besides the materials and DEC/SPS cost.

Also another beauty of land is that the number of working slots can be adjusted with time, that is when the number of players and new pack extensions grow (more cards in the game), more slots become available per land. For example maxed out building on a land has 6 slots in 2023, but 8 slots in 2024, 11 slots in 2025,...

Will definitely be interesting :D

Its not that simple as you described:

Fact 1: Majority of land will lay vacant.
Fact 2: Ability to get cards to work on Land is a 2Q 2023 activity. Although land claim will release earlier, likely Christmas 2022.
Fact 3: Rebellion will be released prior to land-card staking, thereby increasing additional 15M packs

Players will have to weigh, which is more profitable, staking card on land or playing them. I am sure answer will vary from person to person based on their deck, goal, investment etc.

Good thing, this add depth to the game.

Its not that simple as you described:

It never is :)

I don't think they should release Rebellion until there has been some experience with Land, as I reckon it would make the FOMO on a new set far greater, putting more pressure on buying packs, but also give the feedback on how Land operates, meaning the prices of existing cards will be affected too.

Fact 1: Majority of land will lay vacant.

Yes, I am sure. There will be very few who will be able to fill their land, let alone with what kinds of cards optimize it. It will be interesting to see for example, whether it is better to use 2 plots with gold level cards or 1 plot with max.

Players will have to weigh, which is more profitable, staking card on land or playing them.

This is as it should be - there should be the tension and inability to be able to do both (all) things simultaneously.

This is assuming everyone wants to use their land, it's worth giving up rentals (rentals will shoot up due to less supply) and what the land produces is marketable.

I always did like simulation games, will this be the first one.. with magic money?

If summoners get so short in supply, can you imagine the value, both selling and renting? It might be more profitable to do this than harvest the land. The first iteration will swing one way, or another. It will take some time to balance it.

Yeah, I assume many will not use it all, as Azir said, a lot will lay vacant. Unfortunately, no squatters rights :D

If summoners get so short in supply, can you imagine the value, both selling and renting? It might be more profitable to do this than harvest the land

Exactly. So for those who don't have land, they might be in for decent profits too, but I assume that if those with Land chase the rent profit, the profits for those remaining on the land will increase also. With the right balance, it would be a pretty interesting economy.

This is getting too complicated lol

Is there any game play differences with lands? Or just passive income?

Very curious how everything is linked.

Maybe invest in HIVE is easier and better.

They should be able to mint "items" and things that can be used in game. So, the land actually produces playable tokens.

Oh what an annoying situation, I can understand your annoyance with having to buy a screwdriver specific to that job. You should return it to the hardware store tomorrow and say that it was the wrong size. I know I know...but you could.

As for Splinterlands, I'm glad you're getting SPS rewards for the land holding, but 7 years? I hope in 7 years they've come out with a usability for the land that's been purchased, I've heard some grumblings about the time frame.

It is a constant balancing of trying to take advantage, and watching others benefit from what was missed, with the opportunities missed, far greater than those taken.

The story of my crypto journey too lol.

You should return it to the hardware store tomorrow and say that it was the wrong size. I know I know...but you could.

I will probably need it one day in the next 30 years... better hold onto it :D

I've heard some grumblings about the time frame.

Mid-next year it seems to actually use it - and it was released about two years ago :D

The story of my crypto journey too lol.

Most of mine too!

I will probably need it one day in the next 30 years... better hold onto it :D

This is totally how I used to think about things but now, I'm in get rid of stuff mode. But knowing Murphy's Law, if you took it back, you'd need it for something next week right?

Yup, those were the grumblings I was hearing, people are getting rather anxious waiting for this highly anticipated's always the most tense just before it happens.

I actually ended up buying a kit of drill bits with longer ones in them too, but I bought a new kit only last week, so now I have a lot of bits! :D

I was not expecting this to be a splinterlands post. Interesting surprise.

Perhaps it is a good thing that I don't have any land. Even if I would have it I would not be able to use it to a full potential because I don't have maxed cards. Who would have thought that being a pleb could be good?

Plebbing might be decent! Any extra cards should rent well :)

I think a star head screwdriver would go well with torx head. I hate allen screw. It is always mess if you don't have a correct driver.

Allen screws are good for some things - as are torx - but sometimes they are all right annoying - especially since I have so many different options and still nothing fit! :D

It was the same with the allen screw of a tap at home. I opened the tap breaking the allen screw.

better start buying some more summoners before they start creeping up in price again.

they are moving already


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