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in Splinterlands3 months ago

Suffice to say, the release of the Rebellion set hasn't gone well for me. I am struggling heavily to get any wins, and I am unlikely to make it into C2, let alone into Champion 1. I am probably not the only one having trouble with so many new cards (and mine aren't maxed), but you know - who cares about other people?


For those who are counting how bad my "luck of the draw" is, out of 2300 packs bought in the presale, I got zero gold Mantaroth. Zilch. Upon opening, them all, I ended up with only 9 GFLs, which is under the expected average, which I think is around 12 for that many packs.


Pretty sure my account has been kneecapped.


While the rest of the cards are only about 70% of the way to being at max level, what I do have already is a full set of the Rebellion legendaries. I didn't pull a full set, nor did I buy the missing BCX, I traded some of my extras with a friend so they could complete what they were missing too. I still owe him 3 Legendary's worth of something.

As said though, I am struggling with getting any kind of rhythm with these cards so far, and I feel it is going to take me months to build up some kind of intuition of what goes where and when. There are a huge amount of new abilities and ways to apply them, as well as the summoner options that can completely change the way the game is played. At the moment, I am experimenting where I can, seeing what does what and what might be successful. Success has been few and far between, but I do think that I have used some interesting setups so far.

This might be my favorite perhaps:

A 31 Mana, poison ruleset.

Battle Link

Granted, the lineup it was facing using Lily wasn't the greatest, but it is still an interesting way to "outlast" the opponent on a couple of fronts. Firstly, only my cannonfodder martyr rat is going to get poisoned, which was the intent. It is also going to take the first hit from Deeplurker, or any other opportunity monster, Giving Inevitable a little more grunt, as well as Mad Ogre. But really, one of the interesting things I hadn't considered, was that the Shield Repair would also mean that MerdHampir wouldn't be able to Leech any life out of Inevitable, as it never got a clear hit on it to take any life. And for that matter, Deeplurker didn't get a hit on Mad Ogre either, as Grimbardun kept repairing its shield too.

The only life loss at all, other than the rat, was Blight taking a couple points off Inevitable each round, which didn't matter because it couldn't poison it, or afflict it, and I used Avina (the new dual attribute Life summoner and one of the few I have maxed [bought a few extras]), to give it Healing. So, with no way to gain points, Lily couldn't heal that much, and my immunity monsters just had to ride it out, and then finish off Baakjira. And, even if Baakjira did make it to Fatigue rounds, Inevitable would heal too, and also Triage the backline, so it wouldn't last long.

So that lineup worked.


Now there are about 476,000,000 more lineups to try and workout, while losing 80% of the games I am playing. It is tempting to try to win more using older lineups, but if I do that, I feel I will soon be far out of the loop with the new monsters and attributes, and have an even wider gap to close. The latest set has made the strategy far more complex and it is going to take time to build the muscles for the new cards, and then try to predict what the opponent will play. There are many more variables, and with Ambush abilities on some monsters and summoners, the game starts before the game starts.

Battle Link

In a low mana round for instance, I used Waka, a card that I have only used a handful of times since I bought it for far too much, with a Scattershot/ Ambush card. I used Rust to remove a layer of shield, and before the round started, Drybone Rawdog Bowdog fired and hit Uraeus with 4 HP on it. This means that the poison dropped before the first round (as it is a round before the start), taking out that card from the game completely. It was a bit of a random usage, but the usecase is solid.

Well, at least this new set breathes some life into the strategy aspect and perhaps if the bots are able to be kept at bay, there will be some new faces appearing on the leaderboards again.

How is your experience Rebelling so far?

[ Gen1: Hive ]


Rebellion cards have been interesting. I play in Bronze so not a lot of cards or strategies have trickled down yet, but I am liking the shakeup of the meta. That life summoner that can grant Heal has been really strong in a lot of my battles. I am still figuring out the different combos I want to use before buying the cards though.

What is the highest level card for bronze? What card do you wish you had that is missing?

Bronze has 3 2 2 1 caps for C R E L. I haven't really seen the meta unfold yet, so I haven't bought any. From my few battles with and against Rebellion cards, Avina the Life Summoner seems to be really strong. It's also good that it is available even as a ghost card, so I can do my trial and error with it in tournaments.

Got 1 GL on 250 packs. I keep the rest for Conflicts and plan to buy cards when they get cheap. If they get cheap. My trusty Archmage is keeping me on CIII for now.

What are the benefits of having packs in wagons for conflicts? There are so many things I am unable to keep track of...

Oh, I am playing in Modern ^

Dude! I actually thought of you yesterday when I started playing and I just didn't know what the hell was going on... and I remember you saying back when either CL or Riftwatchers came out and you were struggling with so many new cards at once... and that's exactly how I was feeling.

There's a lot going on... but I think I'm starting to get a feel for what's working and what isn't.

Your Poison ruleset set up is so clever! I never would have thought of that. I think I've only got a single Inevitable but I definitely like that set up.

Are you getting more comfortable with the cards now? I am finding a couple things interesting, but consistency is super hard!

I think so... but I know I'm ignoring a bunch of Rebellion cards and kind of using the same ones over and over... but I imagine I'll add to my repertoire as people smash me using set ups that I could copy.

I'm still finding it so hard/impossible to break out of Bronze in Modern. The grind is very real.

I pulled so few cards I don't even bother trying to play them most of the time. I have a couple golds, but I haven't tried them in brawls yet. I might be at a place where I just can't invest too much into the game anymore.

I might be at a place where I just can't invest too much into the game anymore.

Unless there are significant changes somewhere, I am at the same point.

Depending how I play the next bull cycle I might be singing a different tune next bear, but I just don't have the funds to dump into countless packs like I did with the last three releases.

I got some decent cards in my 50, no gold legendary which was sad but I haven’t started playing again yet. Not sure when I’m going to, so I’m just renting everything out. Is Mantaroth the legendary that’s good to have? I think I got one which is nice.

Mantaroth is decent, though it is hard to use at times, as it is prone to magic.

What is holding you back from playing?

Hope better luck with holo packs, mate!

Hell yeah. I will be upset if I get blacklisted there too! :D

I am not doing that great either after the changes as well. I have been losing a lot but it got a little bit better after I went through all my cards and looked at what abilities they had. It took me a few days to get around to that though.

I have to do the same I think. Maybe read some posts on lineups. But, I like working out for myself too - though it is frustrating!

Found anything good you are willing to share?

Darg Deadblast is looking quite good as a support. Weapons training, swiftness and triage at level 2. Chaos Jailer is looking quite nice to poison those high armor monsters too.

Thanks for the tips. For those of us buying singles, the golds are cheaper to level up than the regular foil. Especially summoners.

Haven't looked at the markets too much yet. Though, gold summoners would be nice :)

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You are one of my favorite rivals, as I win most of the battles :)

Joke aside, I checked the top battles and saw that top players rarely use Rebellion cards. Top players do not try to be creative. They use good old tricks.

I did not buy card packs; I planned to rent the important ones, and I did so. I'm barely holding on in Champion 3, which is ok.

I am stuck in silver league. Normally at this time I would be in gold league or at least close to it. I thought that after release of land game will be easier...I guess I was wrong. I don't think that I will be buying any future editions. That pack opening was a total disaster. 1 legendary and 1 golden epic were the best things I got. At least I leveled up my Zeddica from level 1 to level 4...

So much delicious immunity in your first team there. Also handy against cripple, stun, affliction etc.

Hmm I haven't seen much Rebellion cards in Wild Silver, and I have only experimented those cards in brawls because I wanted to avoid the starter card penalty. My current non-Rebellion cards can still hold their own and maintain a decent win rate, so far so good.

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Having little knowledge (none in sincerity) of the splinterland games, I can only hope and wish you all of the luck to make some wins.

And as regards new faces showing up in the leaderboard soon, I think I might just sign up already and hop in on the games. Who knows, I might just top the chart.

Will those cards work like the previous cards that you use on Splinterlands or they will work differently so you have to start getting familiar with them again?

Somewhat differently, as there are new mechanisms in place.