EOS Goodness, Warm Community Feels & Giveaway

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Hey Splinterfam!

Where to start. I think I'll start by saying the community is amazing!

Without fail, I keep running into amazing people in the Splinterlands community. Whether it's a seasoned veteran spreading knowledge of games past, someone rooting for you to win live on stream or the occasional blessing with cards, delegation or entry to a tournament from a kind soul.

Splinterlands has changed people's lives in a positive way and it's amazing to see it pouring back toward newcomers in the community. As the community grows and I slowly gain in CP, I feel the same energy about myself and can't stop myself from lending some advice or a reward card to someone starting out their 1st deck.

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How the season went

This season was one of the best one's for me since my return last month. Managed to make it to Gold 3 with the assistance from some amazing people in the Twitch community. We're solid in Silver 3 but this was a massive leap up. I managed to keep my ranking at the Gold 1 level, which shows I'm slowly improving. Now to get that CP up!


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EoS Rewards & Giveaway

Let's talk loot. Pretty good this go around!! Definitely worth getting those extra chests in Gold 3.

EoS Rewards 1.PNG

EoS Rewards 2.PNG

Only my 2nd Oshannuus I've gotten, 1st I've pulled myself, so I'm stoked!
Got a decent chunk of DEC and a couple rares. I'm not complaining!

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First time doing this for me, but I want to give back to the community that keeps giving to me.
We got the Naga Assassin from today's pull up for grabs!

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To participate 💬 comment "Naga Assassin" on this post to join the Giveaway!
Put your IGN in your comment if it's not the same as your Hive username.
ONE post per user. Multiple comments will disqualify you.

Up doots, 📢 Reposts and 💸 Tips NOT required but MUCH appreciated ❤️

Follows to keep up with future posts and giveaways!

Winner will be drawn in 1 week (4/22/22).

I will use https://snackaholic.github.io/hivefortune/en/ to choose a winner with the settings: "Consider Comments" and "Remove Bots"

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Catch me on Twitch weekdays starting between 11pm EST - 2pm EST for a few hours, for more Splinterlands action and giveaways!


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Naga Assassin
IGN: nwb0719

GG @teerandom so happy for you and glad to call you part of my SplinterFam!

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Naga Assassin


Nice rewards

Naga Assassin for me :D

Congrats @butops !

Giveaway Winner.PNG

Butops Winner.PNG

Thank you all for participating!
Be sure to follow me on here and Twitch.tv/teerandom to be notified of upcoming giveaways.

Naga Assassin

Naga Assassin
ign subashtechy

"naga assassin"
IGN: tjdemigod

"naga Assassin"
ign: sl-peakmonsters