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Hey Splinter Fam!

Another season has come and gone and Chaos Legion's impression is well felt by this greenhorn.


Since starting in July 2021 and taking a few month hiatus, this has been my first full season and I've finally caught the Battlin' Bug.

Chaos Legion has leveled the playing field, enabling me to battle with more confidence and I feel like I now have fighting chance with these new packs at winning against older cards.


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The community is amazing!

I had the pleasure to meet many in the community while streaming a few months back and it seems to have grown non-stop since my break! I'm always able to find a streamer online that has a positive vibe, is helpful and overall just making everyone in chat's day better. Love it!

Enjoying it so much, I plan to be more involved in the Splinter ecosystem as it continues to grow. As a lover of crypto and games, Chaos Legion has me here to stay as a player and would love to enjoy it with more great people!


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How The Season Went

The season was one of learning. I thought I knew a lot before my hiatus. I thought wrong.

Tools on tools on tools. There is no shortage of tools and each one has it's specialty. Between the great info on PeakD, to the multiple buying/rental cards sites and stat's a lot to take in. But we're soaking up that knowledge baby!

EOS Status.PNG

I managed to maintain enough power to hold Silver II through cards from 27 packs I purchased, previous cards from last year, rewards from quests/fellow streamers and rentals. The rental market has been a tough beast to battle. Those last minute rugpulls on rentals hurt the soul.

Next season might be the time to invest in some permanent power. As you can see, I was able to get to around 2500 level in rating. So perhaps I could manage Gold III or possibly higher and reap the increased DEC earnings next season and beyond?

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Daily Quest

3 Chests.PNG

Today's Quest brought to you by Fire. Managed to get this quest done in 12 games. Hard to play fire 5 in a row when they're expecting it. Lvl 2+ summoners is going to be a must buy/rent for me next season. To buy packs or singles is the question?

3 Rewards.PNG

Hey, nothing amazing but its a small step in power toward the next league. Was able to get my Pelacor Mercenary up to Lvl 4. Found him useful in earthquake/monsters lose abilities rulesets.

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The Future

The future is bright. I see myself learning the in's and out's of the Hive-Engine marketplace.

Rising Stars.PNG

I've been introduced to Rising Stars and on just Week 2 of it, I'm already hooked. Great independent music, perfect for playing in between Splinterlands battles and of course...more of the awesome communities goodness!

Always looking for mentors to learn more about Splinterlands and the Hive-Engine Community.

PsyberX looks promising...Shout out to @psyberx "jbosspsyber" for the added HYPE and gifted subs to the already great streams of @clove71 and @drabs587 last night! Keep an eye on this project!


I first connected with the community through Streaming on Twitch and plan to stream from time to time to soak up some good chat, strats and other good times... in between watching these other great newly discovered streamers on Twitch and work toward giving back to the community through giveaways in the future!


See you guys out there!

Join me on
Rising Stars


This very interesting to see you upgrading yourself in deck as well battle field too, !LUV this game bery much.

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