Share your BATTLE, Dorry VS. Hercules, saving the centaurs

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Mother nature once said : when you see the centauri moving around, try to cry SlaOWLY you're losing the round.

Difinitely a challenge ladies and gentlemen, AND, i won a battle as usual, not surprised, i know.
İ think the challenge has already ended but i am going to put my touch anyway, i mean, it's not a challenge without The Busy Cat jumping around.


This earth wizard is the lucky coin for me, it's great to have a high HP magician in the Earth team, beside it's ability "Return Fire".
So i a made a little song for this card to show how much i love her, oh i really love her, the card, of course.


Did you see the centauri
did you feel her punch

Trying to hide your sorry
You offered me some punch

Your biggest love is dorry
Just take her out for lunch
" By some dumped girl"

And now to the story about dorry, you may read this part if you are so concerned and can't wait to read.

She's Dorry, end of the story

Oh my god ! Dorry is a giant warrior in "One Piece" !
Ok, let's wipe that out and pretend that Dorry is a lovely girl.
İn old Greek, Dorry means "a gift", and as gifts are made to be surprises, Dorry also was, nobody ever saw Dorry, she has always found her own peaceful place where she can hide more in her deepest imagination.
One day, Dorry was walking in the woods when she saw a GUY, and he was CRaWLİNG. Dorry said "jesus, you've lost your pieces"
_ İ am Mylor, please, hircules has lost his mind ! He killed Chiron, Folos and now Nessos, oh my multi gods, the Centaurs are being exterminated !
_ Wait, do think i am crazy ! İ am gonna' kill that B****
_ Great, but first you have to know this, if you become a Centaur, you will always be a one, and they WET their BEDs !!
_ "Centaur Noises"

Two minutes later

_ Are you thirsty dear, Aguamenti !!
_ Oh really, so do you now i can fly, Ascendio !!
_ Not if you are bald, because balds, ccccan't FLY, yeaah, Calvorio !

And like this, Dorry the Centaur "known as the Centauri" and hercules kept fighting on and on in that Harry Potter-ish dimension untill they decided to have a final quedditch match.
İs he holding a....
MAN old greece ROCKS.

The quedditch match

##Or as i name it, a splinterlands battle "less common"
So, many of you guys had asked me "Why do you love her", for that i say my amigos "Love, is something inside, it's like, kidneys, you can live with just a one, but hey, you can have two also, so get yourself another girlfriend yeaah, high five"

The battle between Dorry and hercules continued, many losts, many kind guys died there, and i lost one of my favorite socks, i don't know how i will go to the lesson tomorrow, i feel inconfident.

So there you are, here take a look on the battle "Not my best choice also, but every EPİC post ends with some regular news"

  1. 28 Mana
  2. Noxious fumes
  3. Super sneak


You said what !

Dorry is going out with a horse !

Dorry and the Unicorn mustang was a great couple, some times i feel i am a mustang myself.
Dorry is my best friend, i didn't get the advantage from her ability this time, i was just looking for some HİGH HP card which can stand the poison rule.

i am hungry, i have to go

So, LEGENDARY post i think, i was happy writing this masterpiece, see you in the next story.
Happy endings, love is like kidneys, try to be a mustang, hercules is a B****.
"Get your hands of Cerberus you poisonous Sh**"

Join now, use my link, i will hack your life.


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Thanks a lot ❤️
BTW, i loved the project, i may use it next time.

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121