From scratch to GFL #67

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Welcome to my "From Scratch to GFL" Series episode number 67.

This is a series that I started as a journey to see how long it will take me to get from scratch to a Gold foil legendary card in Splinterlands
I have allowed myself two level 2 summoners that I delegated from my main account.
At the moment the cheapest GFL is The DARK HA'ON card at $75.00

I Cannot . . .
Buy packs
Join a guild
Go under 60% ERC

I will be using for most of my purchaces, since they give sweet cashback !


Let's begin with the episode

Season Rewards

900+ DEC and 2 Rare cards, seems like a decent reward to me.

Our quest for today is

The Sneak Quest

I've actually started to enjoy playing splinterlands again on my main account.
Like I geniunely play sometimes just for the fun of it.

Unfortunately that leaves even less time to work on this account, but don't worry! I will get a GFL onto this account :)


Quest Rewards

Today was a good day for the DEC counter


  • 15,000 Collection Power (Enter Silver League)
  • Contessa L'ament (To lvl 2) [Then all splinters would have a lvl 2 summoner]
  • Optain a Gold Foil Legendary card (End Goal)


I hope rental system release will boost card values up quite a bit :D

Previous TrophiesPrevious DECPrevious Cards ValuePrevious Collection Power
Current TrophiesCurrent DECCurrent Cards ValueCurrent Collection Power

Games PlayedWinsLosses

Thank you for reading and feel free to ask me if I left anything out.


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Why the ERC rule?

Right now it sounds dumb, but when I created the rule I meant that because otherwise I could grind out dec by just playing alot, but with this series I want to see how long it takes for a "Casual" player to reach a GFL.

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