Started from scratch and earned a Gold Foil Legendary in Splinterlands!

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  • First post

21st February, 2020

I made my first "From Scratch to GFL" series post on steempeak.

My goal was to see how long would it take for me to earn myself a gold foil legendary in Splinterlands starting from a scratch account
The account only had two lvl 2 summoners delegated to it

These are the rules i set for myself
A bit questionable rules, but What the heck :D

In my first post I also stated that the cheapest GFL at the time was The Scale Doctor at $39.75

  • Mid way trough the grind

Nothing really interesting happened

On my 40th post I had a collection value of $12 + 1000 DEC sitting on the account.
The cheapest legendary still being around $45 at that time.

Also congratulations to the Alpha Giveaway winner :)

  • First signs of GFL

15th of June, 2021

pretty much Year and a half later on post #66 my collection value reached the same value as the cheapest current GFL on the market.

My Collection value with that post was at $73.81 and the cheapest GFL on the market at that time was $72
I even said in that post that the currenct Cards marketcap was around $22 mil at that time.

  • Last post

4 days ago

I posted my #79 th post labelled "The end is near"
In that post I had Total account value of over $900 and the cheapest GFL being under $300

  • Where I am now

As of writing this section I haven't bought the GFL yet.
this is what the account looks like
image.png image.png
DEC Value: $36.24
SPS Value: $45.65

And the cheapest GFL is only $227


  • Buying the GFL

21st September, 2021

It was really hard to sell some of my hard earned cards, but I am happy with the outcome.
$227.7 I payed for my GFL which is Wayyyy more than I thought I would have to pay when I started this series :D



Thank you all!

Thanks to everyone who has Upvoted/commented/shared or just read my From scratch to GFL posts!
Thanks to the wonderful Splinterlands team who is keeping the game interesting for us!

This is to set thumbnail on Peakd, Wanted to make a simple childish thumbnail, but it didn't turn out that great. I am not the greatest at making thumbnails xD
Check out Splinterlands


You need to start a new series so I have something of yours top upvote :)

I the meantime here is some tip tokens.


haha thank you :)

I thought about going back to doing my random splinterlands posts (updates and general thoughts and ideas), since I don't have any series ideas for now.
(Well I had an idea to attempt going from 0$ to $500 while utilizing the rental market, but if I end up doing that I might do only to $100 at first).
after all #play2earn :D

Also I'm too lazy to post now. I need to collect some motivation to start posting again.






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Gold cards are rare it is always a great investment to hold these cards as assets in the game.

Hopefully gold cards will be even more desired once lands get released :D

Is that scrap metal from TF2? Reminds me of several hundreds of hours spent hunting for hats with weird effects.

Yes haha.
I thought it would fit well :D

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Congratulations on finally reaching your goal! I've been watching you on and aoff again for the last year at least. I'm glad you finally made it.

Thank you for the support!

Awesome stuff, it was an interesting journey that you took on.

Just as interesting is the increase in price for the GFL.

Congrats on completing your goal. !BEER / !PIZZA / !LUV

I'm so happy you found the journey interesting and yeah GFL prices moved around ALOT while making these posts :D






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Excellent Job! Congrats!!



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