From Rewards To Cards Challenge Ep.3


Episode #3 - I Bought A Blast Ability Card!

If you don't know what this series is all about:

I want to try something new this year, i gonna sell my complete card collection and start to rebuild from nothing with your help.

The idea is simple:

In this new series i want to buy cards from the Splinterlands market with the author/curation rewards of my last post. Every time i make a new post i use the rewards of my last post to buy a new card with that budget. Lets see what deck of cards we can build from zero and price check it every day. Maybe we can play with it and earn daily rewards also later on!

Previous post total author/curation rewards

Type of RewardAmountUSD Value
Total USD value = $0.178

That will be the budget for our next card.

The new card



This card can be really strong because of the blast ability, but at the same time its low hp. This is my third card that i bought from the market, it got a great price at the moment.


The stats of the new card


This is how the collection looks like at this point... ofcourse after today's third card its nothing spectacular but i'm stoked to see where this is going after some time.

Estimated Total Collection Value = $0,26

Thankyou for reading this far, i hope you enjoyed this post.
Click on the link below if you want to try this game out and you have never played it before:

All the rewards from this post will be used for my next post