First 3speak Video! Chaos Legion Fomo! Opening 280 Packs!

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First 3speak Video! Chaos Legion Fomo! Opening 280 Packs!

I finally got off my butt and decided to make some content for 3speak after months of @clove71 telling me to do so.

The FOMO of Chaos Legion has made me crazy! The more videos I see of you guys opening packs, the more I wonder how long the general sale will last. I initially said I was going to buy 2000 packs in the general sale. Then I got FOMO watching other people get great pulls. So now my strategy is to get as many cards as I can from the market and packs now. Then if the general sale gets crazy I'll have a good start to max out from the market. The only problem with that is I want to participate in gold tournaments this edition, so packs will still be needed.

So anyway, I've been getting real hype about pack openings lately, but I had to be a lil quiet on this video because @clove71 was asleep, knowing she had 3k packs to open the next day. lol Me? I was acting like a weirdo in anticipation, so I couldn't wait. lol So here is my first chaos pack opening. Many more to come!

Also if you want custom Splinterlandsgear like the pic below, with your name and favorite splinter on the sleeves, check out .

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