Confessions of a Splinterlands-Idiot

Oh boy.... Where to begin?!
Yes... this a post about my stupidity on Splinterlands...
"History is doomed to Repeat Itself"
That quote sums up myself to a T. Allow me to explain as to why I feel I am a complete idiot..
It all started when opened up my account and I bought my first few dozen packs... Upon opening them, I had received a Gold Foil Legionnaire Alvar. Stoked and shaking with excitement, I turned arpund and sold it for a decent amount of 110$ USD. Now, instead of using that amount to build up my decks, I bought 110$ worth of packs on the Splinterlands website.
Opened every single one. Pulled a Gold Foil Iza The Fanged. Repeated the previous steps, hoping to get an elusive beast worth hundreds! Unfortunately, luck was not on my side. I had gotten 3 gold foil cards..
Venari Knifer
Flying Squid
River Nymph
6 Summoners..
2 Kelya
1 Tarsa
3 General Sloan
4 Legendary..
Chaos Dragon
Adelade Brightwing
Ida the Fanged
Scorch Fiend
I had also put 40$ worth into Liquidity Pools.
After about 2 weeks (seemed like an eternity), I withdrew from the Pools and bought more packs. Pulled myself a Gold Foil Adelade!! But did not find it useful for me and my ventures, so I sold it and tried my luck yet again in the neverending pack buying cycle..
What I pulled is quite literally not worth mentioning aside from 2 Obsidian Summoners.
Note to Self and all other players... Don't do what I did!! It is a very vicious cycle!!


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