Daily and Season Progress

in Splinterlands11 months ago (edited)

Well, today marks less than 4 days until the end of season and the start of the new one.
I have been fortunate enough to be able to find a decent team for my daily focus "quest" thingie.
Todays daily focus is FIRE.
I chose to rent some decent fire cards for it.. all Gold Foil too for the most part.
Each win grants me roughly 5000 RP, with the highest being 11000 RP (Earned that once).

Screenshot_20220626-085816_Hive Keychain.jpg
I have been using heavy melee hitters, with debuff as well. Such as Molten Ogre ( Reduced enemy Melee ATK) and Goblin Shaman lvl 6 (Slow and Weaken). Paired with a LVL 6 Flamesmith (Amor Repair and Shatter), it makes for a decent FIRE team. Also am using a LVL 6 Tarsa.
So far, I have managed to earn the highest amount of Daily Focus reward chests so far.
As for season rewards, I have been lucky with 5 of the Daily Focus being FIRE. I have hit over 65 Season chests, which is a record for me as well.

Screenshot_20220626-085833_Hive Keychain.jpg
If you have fire for daily focus, I highly recommend renting Gold Foil Summoners as well as a few Gold Foil Monsters.