Latest Splinterlands Update

in Splinterlands10 months ago

Well folks, the latest update has screwed up my "chi" it seems.
When I battle, I keep battling even when my ECR is lower than 25% because I want them chests.. them glorious chests..
So I did what I usually do for each Focus.. Rented a crap ton of cards.. only to find that my ECR is dropping like flies.
I usually have 12 to 15 Focus chesta to claim at the time of writing this.. but am now atuck with just 1... I think the update is great with fighting bots and allowing an overall better fighting / playing experience.. It just makes it extremely hard for myself and similar players who use the same style as I do to earn anything. Guess I have to go back to the drawing board and not battle for a while :(.
I had spent around 1500 DEC renting cards for this Focus Quest, so it kind of sucks in that sense. Poor planning on my part.

Is anyone else facing thay same dilemma?