Pack luck?

I am finally deciding to write a post about my recent Splinterlands luck.. However short it was..
It all started a week or 2 ago..
I bought myself 4 packs. Was in a slump of bad luck, but mostly bad choices.
After opening the 4 packs, I ended up with (noticing a trend....)
Mycelic Infantry
Kelya Frendul
Igor Darkspear
River Nymph
2 Diemonshark
2 Venari Spellsmith
Desert Dragon (Finally! A legendary)

I then chose to sell the majority (cause I am an idiot) and got more packs and invested in liquidity pools.
In those packs... I got....
Venari Spellsmith
(These 3 same pack)
Thaddius Brood
Gold Foil Time Mage (yay)
General Sloan

So.. because I am an idiot and doomed to repeat my mistakes.. I sold the majority again, bought more packs.. got jack squat that I could use...
I went from doing really well, to trying my luck and doing very poorly..
Moral of the story... don't do what I did!
Side notes..
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Be sure to follow him! He has given away a ton of awesome cards!


You got nice pulls from the packs, but unfortunately that is not the trend for me. I gave up buying packs as my luck was not on my side and decided to invest into cards instead. 😊

Hope you will have good luck playing this game and I really appreciate your good words on my giveaways! 😉

!LUV ❤️