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This is my Third entry into the weekly battle challenge. Battle Link Here
This week, is a tricky one for me as I use Fire all of the time, but never choose Radiated Brute. I have no idea why I don't either.
With his Reach ability, he would be pretty valuable when the battle has certain advantages, such as Melee only or Everyone has the same Health. I do not own him, or rent him, so I am using a LVL 1.

Radiated Brute.jpg

Costs 5 Mana to place, with 2 Attack and 1 Speed. He has 5 Health as you can see in the photo. With the Reach ability you can attack from the Second Position.
On to the Lineup!
For Summoner, I used Tarsa for the +1 to Attack and Health.

Living Lava.png

In First Position, I chose Living Lava. I chose him because he is considered a Tank with 2 Amor and 6 Health. Tarsa's boost gives him 4 Attack and 7 Health. With 1 Speed and the Shield ability, he felt like a good fit in First.

Radiated Brute.jpg

Second Position is the Star of the show. Radiated Brute. He has 3 Attack and 6 Health with Reach and 1 Speed.


Last Position is Uraeus. He has 2 Attack, 2 Speed. With the Sneak ability, he is best suited in the back and only has 1 Armor and 3 Health.
On to The FIGHT!
ROUND 1: Saw the death of Mr. Chicken!

ROUND 2: Death of Creeping Ooze.

I killed the remaining 2 enemies.

It was a very fast match. The Advantages of the Battle helped with my slower speed Characters getting boosted with an increased chance to dodge and being able to hit first.
Absolutely, given the right circumstances.
That is it for now. Thank you for checking my post out!


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