Weekly Battle Challenge DISINTEGRATOR

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This is my Second time entering the weekly challenge. The last one I guess I forgot an important step of sharing to a social media platform. The challenge for this week is using Disintegrator in battle.. So here goes...

Disintegrator Lore


The crazed tinker, Morloth, created the Disintegrator within his lair in the Badlands. Assembling various parts of other creatures together, he spent an age designing and building his masterpiece. The only problem was bringing it to life. He tried taking the fierce lightning from the sky and filling the monstrous body with raw energy but that didn’t work and only damaged its limbs. He experimented with molten power from within the ground but that only burnt away its flesh and hide. It wasn’t until he had a visit from a cloaked agent of chaos and was gifted the answer to his problems that the engine burst into life.

The pair spoke for days and deals were made, adjusted, broken and presented again. Morloth grew frustrated with how long it was taking, all he wanted was to have more of the sickly, green crystals that the agent had placed within the heart of his creature, bringing it to life. Whether he eventually tired of the bartering and was worn down, or the taint of chaos itself had afflicted him, Morloth agreed to the terms laid out by his visitor. With a large sack of the chaos fuel and the promise of an endless supply in the future, all he had to do was keep his side of the bargain – persecute and destroy the people of Praetoria. He quickly produced more of the misshapen beasts and now, with his pets in tow, he terrorised Praetoria and all its inhabitants.

With the torso of a mountain gorilla, the hind quarters of a crocodile and the mouth of a leach, the Disintegrator is a mismatch of devastating qualities. Its strength is formidable, twisted strands of metal combined with great sinews of muscle. When the heavy forearms and tail strike its foe, it will pummel them into submission without mercy. If that fails to work then the monster’s evil jaws will latch onto its prey, numerous splayed fangs locking onto their body as it sucks the life from them. The obscene golem strikes terror into its foes wherever it goes and it has been known to continue to fight even after the yellow glow of life has left it eyes.

The mountain village of Squall’s End was quiet as night fell. Nestled in the foothills of two peaks, it guarded the pass and was a refuge for the many travellers that came through that way bringing trade inland from Northern Bay. Lights from the houses twinkled in the darkness, and thin strands of smoke spiralled into the night sky from fires burning within the many hearths. The call of a young shepherd broke the silence, herding his small flock of sheep back into their pen where they’d be safe from wild animals. It was a picture of perfect serenity, of a happy community at peace with the world. It was the perfect place for Morloth to release his new creation and test how effective it truly was.

The beast grumbled beside him, the heart of its engine humming gently, chugging puffs of green smoke from an exhaust cylinder. Morloth reached across and turned the dial up, causing the engine to bark and the beast to shudder, its eyes glowing with intense, unprocessed energy.

“There is the town, my child. That is why we have come here. Destroy them! Stampede through their homes, and drink their blood until your appetite is sated, my beautiful Disintegrator.”

The monster turned to look at him for a moment and then it was gone. Charging towards the village and bellowing its rage until the angry roars echoed back from the very mountains themselves.

Using him with what I like to use has proven to be quite difficult. I keep mixing it up and messing it up in the process. This battle, I decided to switch it up a bit.. hoping for good results. His ability is Demoralize. It reduces the melee attack of all enemy monsters.
I feel that he would be best utilized when in a match with "Only Melee Monsters Can Be Played".
For Summoner, I chose Brighton Bloom for the Flying ability, with Water Element as well. I have mentioned before that I love using dragons, because they are heavy hitting TANKS and their art looks amazing.
First Position, I used Desert Dragon in the first position for his Trample, Piercing and Retaliate, followed by Carnage Titan for his Double Strike, Reach abilities.
Up next in position 3 and 4 are Disintegrator (Demoralize) and Merdaali Guardian (Healing). Scavo Hireling (Armor Heal) and Uraeus (Sneak) in the final 2 positions.
Link to Battle Here..

# First Round

First round saw alot of Misses and replenishing of armor and boosts from Summoners. Not alot of action there.
Second Round

This round saw the first casualty of the battle. Merdaali Guardian. Rest In Pieces.
Third Round

Third round saw the demise of Scavo Hireling, followed by one of the enemies on the front line and one in the rear.
Fourth Round

Destroyed his healer and the armor healer.
Final Round

Buh Bye enemy.

Overall, It was a good battle.
Thoughts on Disintegrator
With his debuff, he works great paired with heavy hitters. I personally don't like using him and feel that I can find a different character to better fit the needs for me.
Link for battle here.
Thank you for reading!