New Splinterlands Player and What I Have Learned So Far!



Hello! I am a new Splinterlands player as well as a newcomer into the play-to-earn community!

First and foremost, I am still in my first week of playing the game and I feel like I have become familiarized enough with the basic functions and features of the game. I don't necessarily have the funds to fully invest $100s of dollars into the game for new cards and have been playing at the beginner level. I heard that creators can earn a bit of extra money so I hope this will work out and I can use it to fund a portion of my investment into the game.

Review and Value

Carrying on!

This game is fantastic and brilliant in my opinion, as it provides users with an entertaining (though rather uninvolved) card game with some rpg elements that make every match exciting! You can earn Dark Energy Crystals or DEC with every win you get which are tradable back to the market in exchange for real cash.

At the time of writing this post, one DEC is valued at $0.00731.

There is a ranking system implemented, to where you must win matches and attain a collection of cards in order to climb. I'm currently Bronze III (the second lowest ranking) and am looking to blog so I can increase my collection. There are 15 day seasons that reward players based on their rank with chests that can contain DEC, cards, or potions. The current season is actually about to end in less than 24 hours, so I'm looking forward to those chests!

There are also daily quests that you can complete that reward you with a chest everyday. I personally purchase the daily quest potions with credits (I'll get to those in a second) to increase my chest count from 1 to 6.

Credits are another currency within the game that are valued at 1,000 credits per $1 and you can purchase with PayPal. Credits are definitely the way to go when buying potions right now because they offer a way to put money in the game directly rather than, in my case, from BTC in my Coinbase wallet to the Hive Engine, and then trading the BTC to HIVE to DEC.

Splintershards, or SPS, are received daily depending on your current assets, and can earn you interest over time through staking. I have an in-depth article about all things SPS right here.

There's plenty of value to be had through the cards too. Just from a few days of completing the daily login, I have gained over 10 common cards that are valued at just over $0.20 each, as well as 3 rares that are around $0.40. I hope to one day own some epics and legendaries to increase the value and power of my collection.


All in all, this game is pretty entertaining and worthwhile to at least log-on daily. This game is starting to take off and things are only looking up from here! Higher-ranking people make $100+ per month just off of this game, and any investment in this game could increase over time.

Also, if you are on the edge about this game and decide to start, feel free to use my referral link Of course you don't have to use it if you don't want to and can sign up normally.

If you have read this far, feel free to follow me for consistent posts and updates from an experienced writer and new player!


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