Why Players Can Make Well Above Average Salary By Just Doing One Key Thing: Renting


As the season nears its end (disregarding maintenance), players new and old are flocking to the in-game market looking to rent out good cards that will raise their power and help propel them into a higher league. And it only makes sense that the owners of these valuable cards notice their immediate interest.

Renting is a relatively new feature in Splinterlands, being introduced just over a month ago. Here is the original post by the official @splinterlands team!

Many players with a vast and valuable collection are rightfully taking the opportunity at hand and are profiting massively off of their cards. For example, any player with a gold foil legendary can currently make a minimum of 200 DEC a day... off of a single card. This number climbs to 10,000 or even 15,0000 DEC a day for the rarest cards. 200 DEC will (at the time of writing this) land you about $1.55 in passive DAILY earnings. Now consider the fact that if you have one of these cards, you most likely have more.

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Both screenshots provided contain listings on PeakMonsters.com (@peakmonsters)

The renting market is absolutely booming right now in the last day of the season. Even before, for any decently valuable card, I would have told you that renting out your unused collection would provide you with much more income than simply selling it off.

Firstly, depending on the sale value in comparison to the rent value, you could easily make the sale amount in a few days/weeks of renting out a card. Some have a much higher rent value than others, and I have personally been capitalizing off of this, as I am renting out some of my rare cards that go for 0.5 DEC a day, while I may leave some others of the same rarity that go for 0.1 DEC a day and sell them, to then buy multiple cards with those earnings to multiply how much I'm profiting off of the cards and maybe even gaining a little extra power in the process. Obviously, my numbers are quite low compared to the potential I previously described, but it's only natural for a new player like me to not have much value in their collection yet. In due time, though lol.

Second, like I mentioned before, it is the last day of the season and players are rushing to the market to raise their power and rating before the season's end. This inevitable influx is great for the owners of these cards, as they can simply list off their unused cards that have even a decent value, and the saturation of the market means that they are most likely able to rent out these same cards for much more than before.

Third, even as a new player you can still rent out your unused cards for a small, but effective passive income. The less you have, the more a small increase will be worth to you. I recommend listing any card you are currently not using for rent, and then don't worry about it! Aside from checking in here or there to see if you need to update your prices, it is effectively a stream of passive income that you put in a small amount of initial time to set up, and you accrue DEC daily. You may correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe cards you rent out to others are still considered as part of your collection, even if they aren't counting to your immediate power. This should mean that your rented cards would still earn you the extra airdrop points from your overall collection power (not to be confused with rental cards i.e. cards you are renting).

And finally, as a surge of new players are entering this game daily, there are many more buyers on the market. Just between a week ago and today, my matchmaking is almost instant now, compared to waiting maybe 20 seconds or so before. There are many more people looking to rent and boost their collection for the season than ever before, so I'd advise you to hop on the wave and rent out some of your cards to these new players. It even also helps the community in a way; buyers receive their power bonuses and thus higher rewards, renters receive a daily passive income. Huge win-win for everyone!

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Both screenshots were obtained from Google Trends

I say players can make well above the average salary by renting because many players who have been around for a while now and have built up a collection and are currently earning $200+... every day. It is possible for these players to earn thousands a month, simply by listing unused virtual cards and going about their day.


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very informative post. thanks for this! unfortunately, I have no collection yet. i thought selling my cards was the right way to go so as to increase my DEC and hopefully increase my SPS airdrop. Do you suggest to grow my collection instead?

I also have dec instead of new cards as i also think dec is more valuable in sps airdrop