NewBoost 10: The Last Push - December 31st 10AM

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What is New Boost?

The Splinterlands community gets together to give new players a boost. "Boosters" will play for 1 hour and then send their DEC winnings and/other prizes to the account @newboost. Then we have a livestream where the @newboost account will give away everything to Noobs. All of the Boosters that give at least 1000 DEC get a commemorative NFT. Those NFTs are worth 1 entry into the final New Boost event grand prize giveaway. Details on that event here.

What are the prizes?

How do you get a boost?

The first 10 20 Noob players who enter their Splinterlands username in the comments below are entered for a guaranteed boost of 1000 DEC. All other prizes will be distributed in the NewBoost Live event.

Who is getting a boost?

@kurouzs - sent
@elminster - sent
@horea39 - sent
@aceofspades999 - sent
@beehold - sent
@blueberrr - sent
@micro97 - sent
@satorihime - sent
@shiro-chan - sent
@brojustaverage - sent
@totalstranger - sent
@smurk - sent
@zero-exp - sent
@marleyroots - sent
@henruc - sent
@silentwill - sent
@eman13088 - sent
@jkeen33 - sent
@ikethepsych - sent

When is the New Boost Live Event?

Friday December 31st
Streaming Live on my YouTube Channel.

Who is giving the boost?

Hopefully you! Anyone who donates at least 1000 DEC to @newboost will be entered for the grand prize giveaway valued over $1000. Good Luck.

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!LUV this initiative.

I'll be sending 1000 DEC to @newboost before days end.

@rentmoney(1/5) gave you LUV. H-E tools | connect | <><

I love this idea! I'm not a new player but would love to be booster if you're still accepting them.


all you need to do to support noobs is send 1000 DEC to @newboost

That will enter you into the mega raffle.

1000 DEC sent. Thanks! @mcgilli - xamgm.wam


In true noob style, I realized I spelt it wrong :( IGN: aceofspades999

What is the grand prize?

Account name : Beehold

IGN: blueberrr

IGN @brojustaverage
still aiming to reach 1000 power on my own

send 1000 dec to @newboost wax r.uim.wam

ign: @micro97
Great way to end 2021!

ty for the event~ ign: satorihime

haha the time is exactly jan 1 12:00 am ,new year
Happy New Year.

Thanks, this is great! @jkeen33

Sent 1000 dec to @newboost!
splinterlands ign: micro97
wax wallet address: lxdb4.wam

As always happy to boost a couple of noobs :)


PIZZA Holders sent $PIZZA tips in this post's comments:
@torran(2/5) tipped @unitqm (x1)
mcgilli tipped unitqm (x1)

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Sorry... We got you boosted on the last event. Let's leave some spots open for other people. As always you can come to the livestream for more goodies.

hi man, sent you 1k DEC, wax address: x51uu.wam

Happy New Year!! 1000 DEC send
IGN: johnny1229
wax: ypaz2.wam

@unitqm I think I missed the new boost 10😂, am I eligible for the Mega Raffle

Dear @unitqm,

The current HiveBuzz proposal will expire in a few days.

Do you mind supporting our proposal for 2022 so our team can continue its work next year?
You can do it on Peakd, ecency, /
or using HiveSigner.

Thank you. We wish you a Happy New Year!

I saw that you mention discord but I can't it anywhere so can you send me your discord?