Hive flags are important - but did focus change?

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I always supported flags against scammers, spammers and farmers to protect the reward pool and the community - but seems some whales changed focus?

Not at all whining about flags (i am rather amused) but it is pretty interesting to see i only get flagged by the same person and even my content might be boring for many i am confident i am not a scammer, spammer and farmer.

While I understand the human brain and that it is logical if you dislike someone affects cross-plattform actions I believe certain actions should be discussed at least in a wider group. So if you criticize someone let us say in a Discord about a game that runs on this blockchain and you see that the criticized person uses over 70% of his downvote power on the Hive blockchain to flag people that criticize him in said discord about a game, is that normal?

In this gaming discord people said do not bring hive drama here - but why is Gaming drama then played on Hive?

I had this naive thinking big whales that even claim to protect the reward pool there mainly focus on criminals and real scammers instead of flagging as of personal emotions?


Interesting pattern also to check recent downvotes on hive by some only been against German players of this game (all three unite that they only did communicate disagreement in the gaming discord with this guy) - no one says this could be racism or personal hate but it could look like to the outside - any thoughts or advise?

To sum up his last 18 downvotes are divided between only three people:

Interesting pattern, last downvotes on hive only against German SPL players (interesting given Hive flags should solve other issues actually........)

At least it made some of use more important and we are in a top list finally

Hope you also enjoy this @alexvan @schachoberhessen :-) - next step to be all in the top 3 downvoted accounts for our bad farming shit content.


Question is - does that personality needs help to control its anger?

Always happy to help.


This makes me sad, and is a huge part of why I still love Hive, but have mostly given up on any meaningful growth in the community.

Sorry guys.

Thanks, there will not be any meaningfull growth on Hive and other linked DApps I am afraid indeed - DPoS is a good concept in theory but that is not the only issue we have on that blockchain.

I am not active in the Spliternlands community recently.

I agree that the sense of downvoting should be to fight against spam, plagiarism and sometimes (in case of obviuosly over rewarded posts) the redistribution of the rewards pool.

I don't think personal disagreements should discharge into flag wars, and hope you will find a civilised way to settle this matter. I wish all of you peace.

Thanks mate - i have the same approach - we will see if it settles down, some "talks" can solve issue if both parties are open, if not no worries, even sad for the entire ecosystem especially when you might wann attract people from the outside and they see wars they might not understand the reasoning.

we can do a little contest @jaki01 "who guess right day wins 10 HBD?"- how long will @azircon wait to nuke this post, today, tomorrow or after 12h before potential payout? It will be exciting to see - a human experiment interesting to follow :-)

Von dem Beitrag hat er tatsächlich die Finger gelassen. Sensation?

Neee, hat nur nicht zur null gereicht :-)

Currently both you and Alex are spamming the blockchain with low effort posts farming rewards. You have no engagement and you on autovote. I will continue to DV this farming effort.

Also please stop tagging me. That is another reason for the flags

One can autovote as much as he wants, that's not your business neither nobody else's! Is it on you to define "low effort posts" and "farming rewards", and this even without discussing it before (as far as I know)? Well, bad behavior from downvoters is really nothing new here.

The thing is that guy votes only around his circle jerk of friends which is obvious, lot low level content - no idea what he means with "autovote" - I did not vote my own posts (as everybody usually does) since years and did 2 i posted on @leofinance recently - but do not give this guy a place, he does not deserve it unless he gets into a longer therapy

agree, and it is not your business to say who I downvote and why..........agree?

Agree! But I think you also agree that it's okay if someone puts his opinion on a topic even if he isn't concerned personally.

Autovote? Farming? I will tag you as long as I see fit - get a life or get a therapy.


such a sad character. and such a destructive character.

Thanks for thinking of me. Please define low effort. Love that I live rent-free in your mind. Will not stop writing and will continue, despite your constant bullying.

Did he ever contribute any value to this blockchain? Did he create a community? Did he support people outside his circle-jerk? I think we all know what the answer is - but no offense, this guy needs help

The only thing you need is mental help, you have serious issues with self confidence brother (love and peace - happy to help if you open up)

Engagement seriously? You talk about engagment? Maybe count the guys that dive into your ass (brown nosing) for votes as they think you are important and could benefit from your mini whale vote? That is not engagement.

The only real engagement is when you talk about issues - people that say "great post etc" is no engagemment.

@azircon (sorry to tag you, feel free to flag lol) Your engagement outside the circle-jerking with your best friends is only "I nuke your posts" and other bullshit - did you ever create something useful to support this community on Hive (not speaking SPL as there it is obvious you have no clue about business)?

You joined late in Steemit times, at a time we had a stable run, you been a pillar (I heard some said) to the Hive topic (which is no major achievement) and I actually had a good feeling first about you - but to be honest these days there are only facts peaking: you do NOT HANDLE YOUR Job as "Whale" (you always claimed often after flagging people you protect reward pool, you do not! You just follow your personal hate, you just flag people as of personal reasons, you upvote shit content. You are NOT GOOD for Hive, people seeing you and knowing what you do behind curtains would NEVER EVER spend a spend into Hive and Splinterlands - this is my main issue!)

And you know that I am right - you are here for personal gain and you had the aim of being considered as king of the community - some still believe that but people with a bit experience and bran do not - and THIS is YOUR PROBLEM with us my brother.

Do you feel alone again @azircon? Here is some love for you ❤️

A bit love for our wounded tiger @azircon

It is 100% spam.

Not to mention numerous personal attacks

This is the 3rd post today. This will get you blacklisted at HW

lol - shall i show screenshot of your personal attacks and threats gainst me personal :-)? That needs a decent post though my brother Party on!"

I see you need some love ❤️

Only personal is you in here. If you need help, please ask, will gladly try to help you.

I wanted to help him but there is no way - one has to be prepared to ask for help - he is not at this stage yet - he is still in this phase to consider himself as important as "mini-whale" - let him do what he wants - if he destroys two systems all good, he will be pretty lone then though

It's all personal, we know that, he knows that, you know that. I wonder who doesn't?

Maybe he'll lose one with every downvote. I've often had this suspicion here with some downvote spast (but not him up to now).

Well, the past 2 posts of schachober is the same.
So thats properly why?

so what is the answer then to the "why"? :-)

To your why?
Because its copy/paste. If you could earn the same from each posts if its the same, why not just post the same post everyday all day?

Who does copy/paste?

The fucking guy we were talking about, wtf xD

Sad that someone is using his stake for downvotes. Everyone sees that it's personal, because if he would apply the same standard for everyone, he would have to downvote hundreds of posts every day.

Nice that you continue anyway.

Hundreds? no, I guess thousands!
Cause everybody use Hive Autovote service (to some extent - some do more, some do less), and everybody do everyday posts to earn some rewards -- what it is, if not 'farming' ?.. doing 5-10 shit posts per day is farming, that always was community 's consensus ...

Of course personal :-) - but i am not his usual target

sad for the entire ecosystem


He wants some people to stop posting and forget about Hive. But Hive is more than just HIVE. You can live in Hive using an ALIVE stack rather than a HIVE stack. !ALIVE

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