Now We Find Out Who's Here For The Game Or Here Just For Rewards

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It is tough to see SPS and card prices so low if you've been here since October, but if you've been here for almost three years like me... then this is a very telling time.

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Not only is there a lot of opportunity to build your deck and play more, but when prices are low, we can learn a lot about who is playing... and even more about those that are not playing.

It is easy to log in each day to play when you could get a chest with a $25 legendary or a gold card that is worth $5 at common.

Now, that same legendary is worth about $4 and the gold are going for less than a buck.

Plus the small amounts of DEC most win in chests isn't worth as much as it was.

Now we see who is here for the game.

And the ones that quit playing... that says they were not here for the game.

Sure, if you joined in October and you've only seen the value of Splinterlands assets go down, it is hard to see these prices.

But don't worry. It will bounce back.

We hit all-time highs for most of the assets in October, so a pull-back was naural.

Even though things are down, with everything Splinterlands has coming down the road, these assets will not remain at these prices this summer.

Especially if we keep growitng the way we have been.

As Chaos Legion gets closer and closer to selling out... we'll start seeing the prices going up.

And they may never hit these lows again.


I agree keys. Prices will go up before we know it that's why I will start to stack SPS asap.

Several thousand players played before the cards ran out and interest went up.

It's simply supply and demand, new cards available no one needs those other assets right now. Once the cards sell out again, it is likely the same pattern will repeat.

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True, this is a time to build decks and become a person of knowledge through out the game. I hope those of us that started late will see an opportunity in this dip the market is experiencing

Everything in time. Good time to take advantage of deck building as you stated.