Powering up my Gladius Collection.

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Hello my friends or rock stars as I usually call it in my posts about Rising Star, my post today is about Splinterlands and I will show some gladius case openings and also my current collection of gladius cards and I will also talk about their importance in the world of Splinterlands today.

As most of you already know, gladius cards were originally meant to be used only in guild fights but with the recent updates to Splinterlands this has proven to be wrong and now they have gained even more value for the entire ecosystem. Gladius cards can now be used in ranked battles through 2 ways: through the new summoners of the current reward cards and through the new battle rule (Are You Not Entertained) that allows you to use 1 additional gladius card.

For those who frequent the battlegrounds in guild fights you know how gladius cards make a big difference in battle and now that they can be used in ranked battles it won't be any different, but there are 2 problems currently with allowing them in this battle.

The first problem is how you can get gladius cards, which currently is buying gladius cases with merits that are earned in guild fights, the amount of merits gained is very low, especially if you play in a level 1 or 2 fight , and that's why players will have a lot of difficulty getting the gladius cards they want and especially to increase their level, I speak this from personal experience because I've been fighting in guild fights for almost 1 year in a guild with an arena level 5 and that means the fights are level 3.

My current gladius card collection isn't too bad but honestly for the league I'm currently playing in mentally (gold/diamond) it's pretty insignificant and that leads to the second problem.

The second problem is the penalty you receive on your earnings in ranked battles for using very low level cards in high leagues, as I am currently playing in the gold/diamond league my gladius cards can be powerful but they end up penalizing me a lot because most They didn't even reach the silver level.

In my opinion the decision to implement gladius cards in ranked battles was not 100% wrong because I like the idea of having more variety in my battles so the more options I have the better, the problem is how to get them which is very limited and this will affect the new players a lot in the future, because now the current players are accumulating their gladius cards and in a few years they will probably have high level cards so they won't be penalized in the high leagues and they will also have a big advantage in the battles because the gladius cards are much more powerful than the cards in other editions.

I believe that this path will only make the journey of new players more difficult in the future, since they have changed the road map regarding gladius cards I believe that a good option to minimize the impact of this decision is to make gladius cards nfts tradable, so the new ones players will not be far behind in ranked battles and also in guild fights since they will be able to buy the cards they want and also have an easier time leveling them up, but I'm not just talking about the new players that will appear in the future but also the current players who have difficulty getting/raising gladius cards.

I hope that in the future they will become tradable and if that happens it will benefit all players, because it will increase the profitability in guild fights and also give more freedom for players to get their precious gladius cards in the market.

I managed to accumulate 8000 merits in the last 3 guild fights and with that I managed to buy 4 gladius cases to show in this post.

My luck wasn't so good but I can't complain because I've had much worse pack openings, at least I got a very useful legendary card that I'm sure will help me a lot in my future battles.

My current collection isn't that good but it's enough to make a difference in some battles, my focus now is to be able to increase the level of my gladius cards to the maximum so as not to be penalized in my ranked battles and also to become stronger.


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