I have found that the USDC/ETH LP pair on uniswap has good volume and being on polygon will cost you cents to rebalance not dollars so you can trade with smaller portfolios and even if your using 20K on eth sometimes the fees are still rough but im getting a better return on polygon bc of the fees rather than providing the liquidity all in the eth pool where it would be eaten up by fees and need a much larger balance to do it effectivly with. Using 45K instead of 4.5K will change that fee number to 59 dollars in about 2 hours and using 90K spread out amoung bsc, sol, avax, polygon, and others will trade the usdc/eth pair on all the chains and protocals assuming there is enough volume to generate sufficient fees. I know BSC and Polygon both generate enough fees so BSC will be the next one used as part of diversification across chains and pools but in the same pair. Will also be looking at shorting and going long the futures contracts based on the funding rate and which way it is positive so i can either borrow btc and use usdc to go short effectivly and hedge with futures trades to capture the funding rate and hedge the open price fisk in the trades and the funding rate can be in the 100% per year plus and can make or break a trade if the rate is with you then your going with the tide if your fighting it you still may lose even if you are right since the funding rate will cut your principal down by the minute so unless you trade with the rate you will have a very short time to be right especially if using leverage.

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