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"A lot of time has passed since my last post about splinterlands. In fact, the cover image is a representation of me as if I were a character from a splinterlands card, the character is called Jysael, learn more by entering the following link. Splinterland Story chapter: Jysael."

Potion Quest

Splinterlands is one of the best performing pay-to-win games since the great boom of other NFT games. Standing out for the great diversity of investment, gameplay and options to generate tokens that can be used within its large ecosystem. In splinterlands there is everything: the card market, tournaments, special tokens, various payment methods including PayPal, it is incredible everything you can put to the test to be a good investor player.

One of the most striking things for some players is the daily quest rewards. The amount of reward will depend on the league level you are in. however the same game allows you to increase the reward bonus with one of its potions. These potions come in different versions and with different effects.


"Gain extra loot chests for completing quests!"

"Receive 5 additional loot chests each time you complete a daily quest!"


If you buy 10 potions you receive a bonus +1 . the price of each posion is 750 DEC.

As you can see, this position generates an increase in the daily reward by 5 chests. Remember that different types of prizes come in these chests, by completing the daily quest you can win cards, credits to use in the game as well as the DEC (dark energy Crystal) token, even card packs from the current chaos edition.


Eleven days with posion Quest.


I will not make you wait any longer, now I will show you the result of having used the Quest potions for 11 consecutive days.


"Sorry if the speed of the GIF does not allow you to appreciate well. But I will mention the most relevant. In my Reward chests using the Quest posion I won a legendary card, a pack of chaos edition cards, a lot of Reward edition cards, most of them are rare which is very good. There is also an epic card over there."

Unfortunately not everything is good, the splinterlands reward system is designed to distribute equally among all players. Potions have long been included in rewards, but they are not Quest potions. They are the legendary potion and the alchemy potion. Both potions activate when card packs are opened. The first increases the chance of receiving a legendary card and the second increases the chance of receiving a goldfoild card. This reward is greatly underestimated by players, due to the abundance with which these potions are awarded. perhaps an improvement could include Quest Potions in the reward prizes in the future. But in the meantime, the only way to know your luck by adding extra chests to your daily missions is by buying the potion in the store.

it's worth it?

The quick answer is yes, due to the 5 extra chests. But on this occasion it is undeniable that having used the 7500 DEC on individual cards or even something else would have been more favorable, mostly for the utility. However, without risk there is no gain and the luck factor greatly influences this reward, a legendary goldfoild card could have come out (too bad it didn't) or even a large amount of DEC or credits.

This time I risked and the profit was minimal. but soon I will try my luck again with these quest potions, I invite you to do it too once you feel comfortable with making the investment.

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