A battle between Lobb Lowland and Obsidianb where the battlefield resounds with the attacks of magical powers.


Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

I couldn't participate in the last three splinterlands weekly battle challenges, but I played a lot of modern ranked battles to participate in this week's splinterlands weekly battle challenge and created the best lineup according to the ruleset so that new splinterlands users can easily find my lineup.

To get a chance to understand the method. Before I write the description of my lineup here, I will tell the new players of my splinterlands that whenever you line up the lineup in battles, first of all, you must read the ruleset of the battle, which are the rulesets of the battles, and then according to your Choose monsters for battles because we sometimes choose a lineup that is totally against the ruleset and we end up losing many battles instead of winning them.

Here I would also suggest that if you choose monsters by understanding the RULESET of battles, you can challenge even the strongest opponent and be able to defeat him. Because sometimes we choose magic attack monsters but their power is weakened in the RULESET or sometimes we are not allowed to use melee attack monsters, so we are choosing in the melee attack monsters lineup. Actually RULESETIt tells us which monsters we can use in battles and which ones we can't or which abilities monsters will be beneficial or not. I hope you now understand the basic point about the RULESET.


The theme of this week's splinterlands weekly battles challenge is ruleset Keep your distance and always remember in this ruleset that Melee attacks monsters are not to be selected in the entire lineup, but to choose monsters that has magic attacks , have the ability to return fire and thus choose monsters with return fire abilities under this ruleset so that when the opponent's range attack monsters attack, the monsters with return fire ability will return the opponent's attack back to them. i selected in this battle range attack monsters and magic attack mosnter under this ruleset to the lineup.


I chose my lineup very carefully in this battle because I had to win the battle under the ruleset of the weekly battle challenge theme and if I lost the battle for any reason, then after eighteen twenty battles I would have to find this ruleset. When I had the chance to play the battle under, I made a plan that I have to choose magical attack monsters in this battle, so I chose Obsidian summoner because Summoner gives +1 to the magic attack of all its friendly monsters. Adds This battle was 44 Mana so I had a great chance to pick the best magic attacking monsters with this summoner.


I chose a Barking Spider monster for the frontline, it's a ranged attack monster and has good fighting ability but my main purpose for putting it was to make it hard on the opponent on the frontline, and the rest of my monster will have a chance to attack to breaking through the enemies front line easily. He has good health and ranged attack ability. The cost of manna was only 4 manna.


I chose Mycelic Slipspawn for the same purpose that I put Barking Spider on the frontline because in battle all enemy monsters' attacks are directed towards Mycelic Slipspawn and thus my plan was that if the opponent All the monsters in the first round do all their attacks towards Mycelic Slipspawn, then the rest of my lineup will blow up the monsters of the enemy lineup with their magic attacks, and that's exactly what happened, and the opponent's monsters dis crush my second lineup with their swordsmen. this monster's health is very strong and its magic attack is capable of destroying weaker enemy monsters in the first attack.


I put Spirit Hoarder in third place. It's a magical attacker. Its total mana cost is 3 mana. The reason for choosing it was that it heals its friendly monsters that are on its back line that got the most damage in the battle, so I kept it because of this quality so that the high damage monsters will be healed by its those who are on its back line up.

my main line was 4th and 5th , that was my favorite attacker lineup agaisnt the opponenent in this battle.

I chose Kron The Undying in this battle and I put this monster in the fourth position because its magic attack is very powerful and when the summoner gets +1 more power, then this monster is the enemy's monster. It proves to be a devastating weapon for the army. The main feature of this monster is its ability to restore its damage health at the beginning of each round and this feature makes it one of the best and most powerful monsters in the list. It belongs to a legendry and earth family. It is one of my favorite monsters and I often include this monster in my lineup.

In addition, I placed the Goblin Psychic monster at the fifth position. It is also a magical attacker and the reason for its selection was that I wanted a monster that restores part of the damage health of the monsters in the first positions. Goblin is a magical monster with the same ability. It works like a tank heal.

The last monster in my lineup for this battle was Mitica Headhunter. This monster has a heavy spear in its hand and it makes a ranged attack on its opponent with the spear, which causes chaos in the ranks of the enemy. The strongest monster is destroyed by the range attack of this monster. It pounces on the enemy like a king and then its attack does not go away. It is because of these abilities that I have chosen this monster.



in round one , it was very much interesting to see that both side was MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN monster and both side monsters attacked on MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN and first my lineup MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN
has been destroyed by opponent army and then in return my lineup destroyed the its opponent MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN monster in first round. so i had no idea that my opponent lineup would chose MYCELIC SLIPSPAWN ,if i had this idea , i definently change my mind to replace it. first round was equal and both side got equal damage .




second round was very much on fire both side. both side got two monsters loss and every attack in the second round was destroying the monsters so i was in very much confidence because i had healing monster in the battle that were healing its self very nicely and in second round my kron undying and Mitica Headhunter fought very bravery and made the opponent blind with their attacks to its opponents monsters.





in round three , i lost one monster and my monsters destroyed two monsters of its opponents in round three so end of the round three , it was clear that round four would be last round and it would be my victory in this battle. so end of the battle , i would say without any doubt that my selection of the lineup was best than my opponent and my opponent was strongest players with all aspect so i always say that we can defeat strongest opponent in the battle if we place the right monster in the battle according to the ruleset of the battle.



dear my splinterlands friends if you want to watch my this battle on splinterlands blockchain then you visit to this battle link BATTLE RESULTS

thank you so much for reading my today splinterlands article ,hope my this week battle article will be helpful for all of you. if you want to take participate in this battle challenge then you can get all detal from this given link BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge!



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Your opponent used Lobb for no reason, at least he should have picked a Gladiator card.

I swapped our double bed for a trampoline without telling my wife.
She really hit the roof!

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@yousafharoonkhan, I sent you an $LOLZ on behalf of lordshah



Yea i agree with you.one weak point can defeat in batte.i took benefits from this area😄

Thanks for sharing! - @yonilkar