My vicotry in Splinterlands Battle Mage Secrets Weekly Challenge in "RULESET: Up Close and Personal

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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

The theme of this week's weekly battle challenge is the ruleset up close and personal and the use of melee attack monsters is always useful in this ruleset. In this ruleset, always try to have a strong melee attacker monster on your frontline that also has the ability to deflect enemy attacks.

In this ruleset it is also very useful to use monsters that have the ability to fight with Thorns and Demoralize, and melee attacker monsters in this ruleset are a sign of success.

In this battle, I tried to select the strongest monsters in the lineup and place the strongest monsters on the Frontline. The lineup I fielded against the enemy in this battle was a strong lineup.

If you also want to participate in the weekly battle challenge, you can stay updated by subscribing to the official blog of splinterlands. Here is the description of the lineup I chose in this battle.

my youtube video splinterlands

The most important step at the beginning of the battle is to choose the summoner. I chose Zintar Mortalls for this battle and this is a monster that I used a lot in the early days of splinterlands and won many battles. And today in this challenge battleb I chose my favorite monster. I currently have a level 2 Zintar Mortalis monster and its mana cost is only 3, which is a very good choice in a low mana battle. my this battle was not very big mana battle , so i also selected this summoner becasue of its low mana cost. the summmoner best for giving melee skils to its monsters in the battle.

I placed Chain Golem on the frontline for defense and as the name suggests, a monster that is as strong as chains and as hard as iron. Chain Golem is a melee attacker monster and this monster is attacked by 1 melee attacker monster. It does not harm him. Chain Golem is a powerful and iron-like Legendry monster that breaks its opponent's bones and thus makes the opponent lose the ability to attack again. This monster has a mana cost of 8 and has a fast melee attack ability. He has four armors that act as a shield against the opponent's attack. This monster has the ability to reduce the opponent's Melee and range attack by 50%, these were the reasons why I chose this monster.

I have chosen the Disintegrator monster as the second one, this monster's melee attack blows up the cards of the opponent and most importantly this monster causes all the opponent's melee attackers monsters to suffer -1. After that, I put Carrion Shade on the third position because it has a total mana cost of 1 and is also an excellent melee attacker. Both of my monsters fought brilliantly in the monster battle and braved the enemy attacks. Confronted and then won.

The last monster in this lineup is Crypt Beetle and it has a mana cost of 3 and is also an excellent melee attacker. The most important thing about this battle is that from the beginning to the end of this battle, both Sumners fought very bravely and this is the first splinterlands battle in my life in which no monster was destroyed on either side until the 15th round. And the first loss came to my opponent in round 16. This battle consisted of 21 rounds, but I won. This is a great battle and if you want to watch this battle then the link is given below.







in round no 15, my opponent lost his first monster in this battle, but round 1 to round 15 , there was no single lost from both side, it is the first battle in my life that i played and in round 15 first monsterd died, really it is one of the best game battle for me in life, i can say to splinterlands players that i played a battle in which , there was no lost both side till round 15, fight was great , i am happy that my line up was one of the best line , my oppoenent was strong, he placed nice lineup but i got victory


above screen is round 15, in this screenshot you can see that one monsters has been destroyed by my lineup



my lineup destroeyd 2nd mosnter of the opponent in round 17, and after round 17 , i felt that my team would win the battle , i am really very much happy , and it was one of the best battle in my life, and i played , really best battle of life



round 21 was final round, i got in victory in this round, so if you want to see my this battle live on splinterlands blockchain then you can visit my this below link


battle link

hope you all will line my lineup in this battle , thank you very much , my all splinterlands family



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Hi, I like your team Death with "Zintar Mortalls" and "Chain Golem" with "shield" in "Up Close and Personal", nice game.👍👍👍

chain golem is my favorite and i used it very much in the battle, so in up close and personal it is best melee fighter , thank you dear you liked my lineup ,

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thank you so much for always supporing ,

Thanks for sharing! - @alokkumar121

nice post! are you looking for a guild?

Assalamualaikum sir i am from Pakistan plz tell me and guide me about splinter land game i will be very thankful 💓 . Give me your WhatsApp 💞

welcome to hive, nice to know about you that you are from pakistan, yes sure, what kind of help you need related to splinterland, yes i am ready to guide about splinterlands
it is my discord id : yousafharoonkhan#8913

Sir i send a friend request to you 😁 thanks sir