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Assalam-o-Alaikum !السلام عليكم

Today is the last day to participate in the weekly battle contest and I was worried that I won't be able to participate in this week's battle challenge but I put all the busyness aside and sat down to write this week's entry in the weekly battle contest.

The theme of Splinterlands' weekly battle challenge this week is ruleset Fog of War. In this ruleset, all monsters that have Sneaky, Snipe and Opportunity abilities lose their ability to fight in this ruleset. Therefore, in this ruleset, monsters that do not have Sneak, Snipe and Opportunity abilities are included in the lineup.

So under this ruleset I chose a lineup in this week's weekly battle challenge which is a very strong lineup in all respects. My lineup for today's battle is the best lineup under this ruleset. My battle was a total 26 mana battle and I have selected a total of four monsters in this battle.

I have brought the level 2 summoner of this battle to the battlefield. But from the 1st round of this battle to the final round, the victory was felt from one side to the other in each round, but at the end of the battle, my lineup wins over the opponent's lineup.


In this battle I thought of choosing two types of lineup, first I thought that under this ruleset I should choose magic attack monsters in the lineup but then I canceled this plan because I don't have magic attack monsters. There were no important monsters whose armor strength was high, so I chose the melee attacker monster on the front line and the rest of the range attacker monsters in selection for this battle.


In this battle I chose General Sloan summoner, the total mana cost of this summoner is 4. Since it was a short mana battle, I chose a summoner with short mana in this battle and General Solan gives +1 range to all his friendly monsters. attack which increases the range attack monsters' power and attack ability.


I planned from the beginning that I had to place a strong and powerful monster on the frontline because it was a short mana battle and I expected that my opponent would also choose a powerful monster on the frontline because of this battle. Under the ruleset, my opponent was not in a position to use sneaky and snipe monsters. With all these things in mind, I chose Uriel The Purifier monster and put it on the frontline. This is a legendry life monster. This monster has a total mana cost of 11. It is a melee attacking monster. This monster attacks its opponent for one round and its attack power is tripled at the time of attack, making the lineup stronger and stronger. In addition, this monster has 6 armor which protects it from melee and range attacking monsters. These were the reasons why I chose this monster for this battle.


I took Scavo Hireling as the second monster in my lineup because it was the most important monster in my frontline and its strength was its armor and I thought that if my opponent chooses a ranged and melee attacker monster, then my opponent's monsters first. By destroying my frontline armor in the same round, I will be able to destroy my frontline in the second round, so I have chosen Scavo Hireling monster to restore my frontline damage armor. Because Scavo Hireling is a monster that restores the armor of its friendly monsters, and I have chosen this monster to restore the armor of my frontline.


The third choice in my lineup is Venari Crystalsmith. It's like a tank heal. This monster has the ability to restore some portion of the damage health of the friendly monster in the first position at the beginning of each round. I chose it so that it would restore the damage portion of Uriel the purifier in the first position. stay scavo hireling will restore armor and venari crystalsmith will restore health and thus the monster on the frontline will continue to fight strongly in front of the enemy.


Tower Griffin, which is an acrare netural monster, I put this monster in the last position so that it can grind the opponent's teeth with its ranged attack, so this was my lineup. I think this is a great lineup that had monsters with all the healing tank and armor restoring abilities.








As soon as round one started, my opponent attacked and after that, a series of attacks started between the lineups of both sides, but my lineup destroyed the weak monster on the opponent's frontline, but it was countered by its friendly momster and its friendly monster gave him again birth and thus again in the second round my lineup destroyed the opponent's frontline but from the first round to the fourth round my main monster all the attacks taht made to destroy the opponent's frontline were all missed but healing Tank and armor restore monsters provide restore health and armor to my frontline and these monsters kept alive my frontline from being destroyed. Thus, in round five, my frontline managed to destroy the enemy's strongest monster. From the first round to the final round, the strong line-up of both sides continued to battle for victory, which ended with a bang. there was round eight in which i got victory against my opponent. so my this lineup proved that my lineup was strong than my opponent


if anyone want to watch my this battle on splinterlands blockchain then he/she can visit the my this battle link Battle Result

thank you so much for reading my today splinterlands article ,hope my this week battle article will be helpful for all of you. battle link



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Hi, I like your tank, "Uriel the Purifier", it withstood the fire of the dragons.👍👍👍

yes Uriel the Purifier was strong one, and tank made him more strong thank you dear

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