Void Dragon's bloodthirsty battle and clash of magical powers || SHARE YOUR BATTLE Weekly Challenge! DRAGONS!

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As-salāmu ʿalaykum !!

First of all I welcome my splinterlands community to my hive blog. Today's battle is very interesting battle and I fought this battle to participate in weekly battle challenge. My battle today consists of a very low mana battle.

As we all know this week's theme is Dragon and splinteelands team has allowed us to use any edition, rarity with dragon elements battle. I love fighting battles with Dragons and then winning.

I have a good collection of Dragons NFT and I tried in this battle to battle with the best Dragon and then win and enter my battle in this week's weekly battle challenge. My dear splinterlands friends,

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My Dragons collections

I currently have three excellent dragon summoners in my splinterlands account. Daria Dragonscale ,Kretch Tallevor and I just got Lily Shieldpaw in the airdrop.


Lily shieldpaw is an excellent summoner that provides a lot of power to her friendly monsters with a lot of powers. Anyway, I have the best collection of Dragons in my splinterlands account.

When it comes to monsters, I have a lot of awesome and powerful Dragons cards which if lined up keeping in mind the rules and battle rules, those monsters can ensure victory in every battle.


My Battle line up

If we talk about the lineup of this battle, this battle consisted of very less mana and the total battle mana was 12 and I had to choose my lineup while staying within this 12 mana,


on the other hand, this battle consisted of two roles, one The rules were back to basic monsters to lose all abilities and according to other rules only magic monsters were allowed to be used.

In this battle I fielded two magic attacking Dragons along with dragon summoner to defeat the opponent.


I chose Kretch Tallevor summoner in this main battle mainly because it is a dragon summoner and this week's theme is dragon. The second reason is that it has a total mana cost of 3 and it was a short mana battle and I wanted to pick a summoner with a low mana cost so I could pick a good magic attacking dragon. here i want to tell you that KRETCH TALLEVOR is EPIC Dragon Summoner and has great ability to give great power to all friendly monsters.


I chose Void Dragon first for this battle. There were two reasons for choosing Void Dragon. The first reason is that it is a dragon monster and it is also this week's weekly battle challenge.

The second reason is that it is a magic attack dragon and its magic attack is capable of destroying the opponent's first front line easily. The third reason was that it has the ability to protect itself from melee and ranged attacks.

The fourth reason is that his attack speed is very high and his health is also excellent. All these features make this dragon the best magic dragon.

In addition, I put Void Dragon on the frontline to create a lead wall in front of the opponent and destroy the opponent's frontline to seal the victory.


As I told you it was a 12 mana battle and I spent three mana on summoner, five mana was spent on Void Dragon so now I had four mana left in total so I chose Coral Wraith with four mana because I thought that if my opponent plays whatever monster in the last lineup,

Coral Wraith will use the sneaky ability to damage the opponent's last ranks. In addition, Coral Wraith always targets monsters in the opponent's back rows.

Coral wraith is a fearsome magic attacker that can tear through strong lineups with its speed and magic attack. It is for these qualities that I chose Coral Wraith.


Battle Review


As soon as the first round started, Void Dragon launched a powerful magic attack on the opponent's frontline, which caused severe damage to the opponent's monster, and in the counterattack, the opponent's frontline targeted the Void Dragon on my frontline

and then Coral Wraith made a devastating attack on the opponent's frontline, thus in the first round, both sides fiercely attacked each other, but no damage was done.

If seen, the overall lineup of both sides was strong in this battle.





At the beginning of the second round, both sides attacked each other fiercely, but the Void Dragon and Coral Wraith greatly weakened the opponent's frontline, and thus, at the end of the third round and the beginning of the fourth round, the Void Dragon destroyed the opponent's frontline. Kari was defeated by striking and thus not a single monster of mine was destroyed in this battle. I think that my strategy in this battle was successful in all respects because I defeated my opponent in this battle and also all my lineup survived.


Battle Result/Link


It was fantastic battle and if any splinterlands lover want to see this battle on splinterlands blockchain then there is link of the battle Battle Result/Link dear friends it is one of the best of the dragon, you can observe the ability of dragon in this battle.



  • Did your strategy work? What will you try differently next time?

in the battle my strategy work very well and i think , it was my best strategy against the opponent in which i got great victory and i did not get any loss of the monster in the battle. my all lineup was safe and got huge victory. yes i will try again again in different rule to check the abilities of every dragon that i have in my splinterlands collection.

  • Do you like DRAGONS? Why or why not?
    i like DRAGONS very much because DRAGONS has different abilities of fight and one of the great reason of liking the DRAGONS is that dragons fight very hard, DRAGONS name is name of victory against the opponent. i believe if we place the DRAGONS according to their abilities in the battle then DRAGONS can defeat any level opponent so i like the dragons because of the above mentions points.

Dear my splinterlands family and hive community, i have great hope that you all will like my this battle and lineup of battle, if i made any mistake in the selection of lineup please share with me your feeling, and also guide me that how can i make best lineup in the 12 mana battle better than this lineup.

thank you so much for reading my this battle challenge post.


I'm Yousaf ,my profession is teaching, writing, i love food, travelling,photography and splinterlands gaming, and sportstalks and 3speak very much. i am using hive since 2017.

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Thanks for sharing! - @mango-juice

nice post but using all level 1 card battle in challenge posts may consider as post farming.