Cheap price of cards on the market!

in Splinterlands2 years ago

Less than a month now and the general sale will start. We all know that vouchers are stoping the whales on bulk buying on shops but on the general sale which the vouchers will not be needed, we could not say how long that 12 mil packs will last. Not to mention the 6 M packs for the private deals of the developer so most likely, only 6M packs will be available on the general sale.

Thats why im confuse on whats happening on the price of cards on the market. And why the players are not buying.

Some says that the card price will be much lower when the general sales start because of the supply. But i think card price will skyrocket after the general sales since you cant buy anymore on the shop.

And packs prices will surely be doubled or more on secondary market after it sold out.

Prices of legendary cards now on the market are really cheap.

So if your planning to invest on this game. Go buy singles on the market right now. You will thank me later.


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