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What's up, Summoners!


Centauri Mage is a Rare type Earth Monster, with Return Fire ability at Level 1 and Repair at Level 5. Centauri Mage protects Kron from all the wild creatures outside his Citadel.






Team Composition



Mylor Crowling provides annoying Thorns to all friendly Monsters. If I see Mylor in the enemy's side, I really want to emerge victorius.


Flesh Golem 🌟🌟🌟 has high health, decent attack, and moderate speed. With its Heal ability, it can stay longer in battle as long as there is no affliction, stun, or damage greater than its heal.


Centauri Mage 🌟🌟 can serve as a secondary tank, because of its high health. Her Return Fire ability can be useful against Range monsters with Snipe ability.


Goblin Thief is responsible to kill the last monster of the enemy.


Wood Nymph 🌟🌟 provides additional heal to Flesh Golem, so that the back liners can freely hit.


If worst comes to worst, Earth Elemental 🌟🌟 can buy time to let Spirit of the Forest attack, if she is still alive and defeat the enemy.


Spirit of the Forest is good for last position, because of its 8 health and Snipe ability. In addition to her health, she has 6 speed and Flying ability; for that reason, the attack of the enemy can possibly miss sometimes.

Full Battle
[Round 1]

Centauri Mage showcased her ability to Fire Elemental.

[Round 2]

The Featured Monster returned fire and eliminated Fire Beetle.

[Round 3]

Flesh Golem landed the lethal blow.

Strategy Implementation
My strategy worked well, because the opponent used Melee attack monsters. They received 2 damage from thorns. Centauri Mage performed well by returning fire to the range attacker and dealt 1 magic damage to the monsters. I want to try Centauri Mage at Level 5 and see how she performs and contributes to success of the team, with the addition of Repair ability.

Like or not?
I like Centauri Mage, because she can serve as a secondary or main tank (if melee monsters cannot be use) and its return fire ability can counter a team dependent to range monsters.



I finally logged into my Splinterlands account for once. I still have the two Sea Genies given to me.

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