Tips to Improve your Gameplay

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Hi, Splinterlands Community! I know that some of you have learned and used these tips, but to those who have been struggling and just starting their journey in Splinterlands, this is for you.

Improve your Gameplay by using these Tips:

  • Know and Understand the Game Rules - Mana Cap and Time must be strictly observed in choosing your lineup to enter the battle. Take your time and don't be pressured, so that you can think your best possible cards to win the match.

    • Rule Sets - Understanding and obeying the Rule Sets will give you an advantage and prevent you from picking summoner and monsters who are not suitable for the Rules. (Only applicable to Battles with Rules)

Rule Sets

For example, Reverse Speed Rule, why would you choose High Speed Monsters that will put you at a disadvantage?

  • Get to know the Summoners and Monsters - By having knowledge about them, you can save from renting those cards that you don't usually use. You can come up with your best possible lineup by knowing their abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. Therefore, the enemy's chances of winning will decrease.


  • Predict the move of the enemy- By looking at the recently played teams of the enemy, you can have an idea what cards he/she possess. This way, you can counter the possible lineup. If you can read the opponent's head, you will have an upper hand and achieve that WIN.

  • Watch streams, top battles, and tournaments - By watching how the top players play, you can have knowledge what cards they are using and how they strategize to defeat the opponent.

  • Evaluate the result - Whether it is a win or a lose, you must evaluate the outcome of the match. By assessing what went right or wrong, you can avoid previous mistakes and copy or replicate the strategy. When you face the same lineup again, the result will be different.


The Rule of the battle is Armored Up: Monsters get +2 added to their armor stat.
Mana Cap: 28


Summoner: Mylor Crowling
Monsters: Nectar Queen, Furious Chicken, Failed Summoner, Sporcerer, and Mitica Headhunter

I understand the rule, so I must pick a monster that reduces the enemy's monster to gain an upper hand. The best monster with that ability, which is Rust, is Sporcerer. The Armor provided by the Rule became useless after Rust ability was activated and made the enemy vulnerable.



Based on the opponent's recent games, he/she is a Water Splinter user. (If my memory is right.) It is not available, so he/she choose Earth Splinter. I countered the magic monsters by picking Failed Summoner, because of its Magic Reflect ability. I won the battle, because I have 10 damage compared to 8 damage of the enemy, 2 armor from the rule, and Thorns from Mylor Crowling.


From Armored Up to Armored Down

I hope you get something from this post and apply it to your next matches. If you have something to add to the tips mentioned above, feel free to comment. Have fun and enjoy playing. 🃏🃏🃏


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