7-days Waves Challenge!

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Have you heard about #ecencywaves? If not, no problem! Let's learn and 'wave' together!

Ecency waves were introduced around a month ago. Ecency waves is a short-content like leothreads of dbuzz.

So, why don't we have some fun and run a 7-days Waves challenge?


Waving: July 1-9
Rewarding: July 11-12

What to do? 👇

  • Since there are different timezones, you can start your challenge on July 1-3, but you have to complete the challenge before July 9
  • Create an ecency wave (Scroll down if you don't know how to do it)
  • Complete the sentence by replacing the '...' in the corresponding wave topic
    Ex.: Summer is one of the 4 seasons :)
  • The waves topic is based on the day of your challenge. So, if you skipped one day, then you should skip one topic as well.
    Ex.: You started the challenge on Monday and your waves topic is 'Summer is...'. And if you didn't wave on Tuesday, then on Wednesday you wave on 3rd-day topic 'Yesterday I did...'
  • Use the hashtag #waveschallenge on your wave
  • Tag your friend in your wave (it's not required, but it will help to promote ecency waves)

✍️Waves topics

Day 1: Summer is...
Day 2: I wish you @[tag your friend] ...
Day 3: Yesterday I did...
Day 4: I always ... in the morning
Day 5: I hate to...
Day 6: I have never...
Day 7: Waves is...

🎁What you will get?

The rewards will depend on the number of waves, i.e days, you created the waves.

💙 7 waves: 100 ecency points!
💙 5-6 waves: 60 ecency points!
💙 3-4 waves: 30 ecency points!
💙 1-2 waves: 10 ecency points!

That's not all yet...
💙 Random 5 'ecency wavers' will get 1 ENGAGE token each!

How to WAVE?

Follow the next 3 steps👇

STEP 1. Click on the DECKS menu at the top of the page.

STEP 2. Click on the Pencil icon✏️ on the side menu.

STEP 3. Write your waves and click on Publish it button.

❗Be sure that you wave in the ecency.waves

50% of post rewards goes to the community account @hive-133311


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I love this idea! I can’t wait to see all the waves that we are going to surf this week! Thank you for organise this contest. ♥️🤗

Thank you, dear! Hope to see more new 'wavers'! :)

I think this initiative will help to encourage them, yes! 🤗

Great initiative Will be glad to participate see you all in there @everyone

Thank you! Hope to see you waving :)

Spanish pueden traducir

Maybe @palomap3 can help you with it.

No estoy seguro de la exactitud de mi traducción.

Es un reto de 7 días.
Necesitas crear un ecency.wave durante 7 días.

Los temas de las waves publicaciones son:
Día 1: El verano es...
Día 2: Te deseo @[etiqueta a tu amigo]...
Día 3: Ayer hice...
Día 4: Yo siempre... por la mañana
Día 5: Odio...
Día 6: Nunca he...
Día 7: Olas es...


Puedes escribir en español pero no olvides poner el hashtag #waveschallenge

¡Traducción correcta @ecency-star! Aprovecho para decirle a @technoluky que puede preguntarme si tiene alguna duda. 😊

Excellent, I like this challenge.
I have already started my day 1.
Greetings to all.

Thank you for joining it! 💙

This is a great contest! I'm in

Yaaay! Let's Wave!💙

I have already started. I hope I don't forget jajaj. Thanks

OK! I shall do this! It is the 2nd here so this shall be my day 1...

I just saw this.
Looks interesting.
I am in.
I hope to start and complete all the waves.
Starting with the second day.

You can start today with the day 1 topic)

Only day 1 for today?
Or doing two for both day 1 and 2?

You start with the 1st day. One day - one topics)

Thank you very much.

This is really an amazing idea to engage via waves. Looking forward to having fun in wavescontest

Oh nice! I haven’t explored decks and waves yet. Maybe this should be a good way to start 😁💙

You should try it! Decks are amazing! I am sure you will love them :)

Yay! A new challenge! 😁 🙏 💚 ✨ 🤙