[Waves Photo Challenge] Day 7

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Happy Friday!

Yesterday was the last day of photo #waveschallenge that brought us a lot of happiness!

Wavers and waves


Happiness: For me is a feeling…
When I travel, be surrounded by nature and my loved ones, when I paint 🎨 and see beautiful things around me.
Good morning, day and evening all 👋🏻😊
Have a great Thursday!


I really like memes, funny videos of both animals and people. But, one of the things that brings me the most happiness is making my nephew laugh.
When I get a little laugh out of him, I laugh in the same way.


Unos de los momentos más felices de mi vida. Los ojos lo dicen todo.
Aquí me tienes vestida de novia, querida


*La felicidad dura muy pocos instantes, pero esos instantes perduran en nuestra memoria por mil años. Los valiosos recuerdos de la vida.

Happiness lasts very few moments*


For me Happiness is: When go out for the long drive without any destination, i love traveling rather than reach at destination 😺


Happiness, true happiness can only be found within us. But sometimes yummi sweet chocolate things can be very helpful to feel happy 😅 #WAVESCHALLENGE


Happiness is an old dog with a new chew bone.

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The week goes so fast, we had some great entries this time. Love the idea of sharing photos here.
Have a wonderful Friday all 👋🏻😊

Maravilloso espacio para estar feliz.