[Writing Contest] What I DISLIKE in Ecency/Hive

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We usually talk about the positive sides of Hive/Ecency, but this week I invite you to discuss its weaknesses this time. This topic was not chosen to criticize the Ecency or Hive but to make it better. Together, we can find the issues/problems and solve them to make Ecency/Hive better.

Let's START!

📆Main dates of the contest:

The previous round summary and a new round announcement will be done on the same day every Saturday.

The post-submission deadline is until every Friday.

This round topic is 👇

✏️ What I DISLIKE in Ecency/Hive

Tell us what you don't like in Ecency/Hive, or what kind of difficulties you face while using Ecency/Hive


The best 3 entries will get 100 Ecency points and 1 ENGAGE token!

ENGAGE tokens were provided by @melinda010100


Read the rules very CAREFULLY!

  • Create the post in the Ecency Support Community
  • The post should be at least 100 words length
  • Share the link to that post in your entry
  • Use the hashtags #ecencycontest, #ecency #engage
  • Comment on this post with the link to your entry
  • Only 1 entry per person
  • No plagiarism!

❗❗❗ DEADLINE: June 9 ❗❗❗

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Here's my submission to this contest, great topic by the way, it's nice to vent a wee bit of frustration now and again.


Difficult topic to write as there's nothing to dislike on ecency 😹

I know :)) That topic is tricky, and I believe you can find a way how to elaborate that topic :)

Dislike? Is there anything? Let me put on my thinking cap.

This may be difficult but interesting prompt to write ✍️. I'll start gathering some information.

Yes, this week's topic is challenging and I can't wait to read the entry posts :)

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