My Dislikes About Hive

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Welcome To My Blog

Hello friends, glad to have you here. It's another weekly prompt of the @ecency-star contest.

Yeah everyone on hive has in one manner profited on hive by having financial independence and also finding new friends. We still have additional reasons but these are basically the fundamental reasons hive has been a blessing to many.

To the best of my knowledge I know we have approximately 4 or more front ends where we may publish on hive which are Ecency, Peakd, Leo finance ( primarily for financial topics), 3speak (primarily for videos).
But then I utilize ecency more frequently. Because I earn points for posting and also its user friendly. The guy who introduced me to hive taught me more using ecency, i had to do self learning on how the leo finance and peak works. I have never used 3speak though.


As I love hive so much and it has been a tremendous benefit to me, there are occasionally things I don't really enjoy.

To be real, thus sometimes I feel sorry for tiny upvotes. I know quality articles should at least reach 300 words, I attempt in most of my posts to go to that minimum and much more. Being here 1year +. I'm not being greedy tho or envy of individuals with huge upvotes but I know I do and do my best to offer to the hive community at large.

Maybe curation should be done on articles with low upvotes and quality posts. It enhances the person's confidence to accomplish more and even more. Am certainly not going to give up unless i become one of the whales so if i upvote, it will have a major influence on someone else's post.

Another thing i don't particularly like about hive is the delay in Payout.I don't really know why 7 days was needed for earning to be issued.. But I believe 3 days should be plenty 😊. I know curation may still happen after 24 hours but I haven't actually witnessed curation beyond the 4th day or it's really unusual that there's no point waiting for 7 days.

And concerning ecency, i don't really know how the boosting method works tho but i don't like when i boost and it doesn't work. After boosting bearing in mind that the post will be curated and after 24hrs the points are restored. It happens so many times, even 3 times a week. Sometimes I use it to motivate myself when I have low upvotes on my blogs.

Thank you for reading
Have a wonderful week Ahead


It feels like you have written what I feel sometimes about hive. Nice post

Wow that's nice i said your mind
Thank you for reading

I'm glad we have similar mindset, there's no giving up till we become whales

Yeah sure 😊

Yay! 🤗
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I sometimes use 3speak, and after a while uploading videos, you can be considered as a member of that front end and have some extra votes that raise the profit and the spirits as well.
I agree with what you say about the impulse system, sometimes it doesn't take it, even if you haven't used it for a long time.

Ok buddy
Will try that soon

Shorter time before payout? I think the 7 days are good, it gives people time to find the posts, maybe collect them into a curation post, and those who find it late can still upvote.

Re: the boosts, I rarely use them because I keep forgetting, but I've seen others having the same complaint. The answer seems to be that the account that upvotes posts has limited resources. Maybe we all can help with that by giving that account an upvote when we see it has successfully boosted a post!

Good luck in the contest! 🍀

7 days are good to but i think 4 days aren't bad too.
Thank you for for sharing your ideas about my posts. You can write about what you don't like about hive too. The contest is still opened

Absolutely agree with you. Unfortunately, there are lots of undervalued posts on Ecency/Hive.

Yeah i hope that would be look at