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I will start by saying and will keep saying that ecency and hive have been a huge blessing to me in different ways.

Well this post is not all about the benefits and the juicy parts of ecency and hive.
Because this week's Topic on ecency Star weekly writing contest is all about....

What I dislike in Ecency/Hive

Tell us what you don't like in Ecency/Hive, or what kind of difficulties you face while using Ecency/Hive.

So, I will be writing more on the recent difficulties I have encountered while using Ecency App.
Ecency App happens to be my best so far.
The things are as follows :

I can't easily copy and paste any part of someone's post or comment to quote while replying or making a post.

Which wasn't like this when I was using the app months ago.

Username suggestions doesn't pop out to select or choose from as usual, when you are replying to a post or making your own post.

I usually make use of ecency points to boost my post or someone's else post, but lately it is usually returned.
So I have lots of ecency points which I don't know it's use.
Before ecency points was really a very much valuable thing for me, like I work so hard to earn ecency points.
But now it doesn't really mean much to me.

This is my participation to Ecency Star writing contest for this week.

Check out this post, if you wish to join

Remember to read the rules and have fun while writing.

Thank you very much for stopping by my blog.

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Yes, not all posts get a boost because there are a loooot of posts submitted for the boost. But, it is hard to boost all of them since at least RC is limited. Try to boost the post for a smaller amount.

Thank you very much for clarifying.

Wow great write up about your dislike on ecency/hive. I have heard so much about ecency in the past, downloaded the app but as a newbie then, I couldn't deal with the interface. No one to put me through but now I understand that you have ideas about ecency, I will get to you

I do dear.
You are welcome anytime.

I've only used the desktop and mobile apps a couple of times, and they were underwhelming to say the least. I'll stick to the web, and only use the mobile app in emergencies.

Best of luck in the contest! 🍀

That's cool.
I use the App often.
Thank you very much dear.