Two shits one stone.

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Now it could be that two shits weigh in at one stone, which given the size of the population would not really surprise me. Eventually worth your weight in gold will just be a reference to peoples takeaway bills.

Alleviate your suffering a bit and listen to a good song
Then go punch a wall and watch something good

The Good Lord Bird

The Good Lord Bird

is a pretty damn good show. Yes, it is about the slavery situation back yonder in 'Murica but like Django is able to deliver the story without getting bogged down by peoples opinions.

You would think that telling a story about something would not need snowflake agendas and The Good Lord Bird stays away from all that and just gets the job done.

It is nice that on some level there are still people who realise what is evil is pretty obvious for everyone else there is Marvel and the News.

The Good Lord Bird is definitely worth watching and since it seems to be a good 'ol fashioned mini-series it just ends and that is that. Humorous, well-paced and again something I seem to like more and more - shows that can share the depth and seriousness of a situation without trying to shock you. I find that delivery always more memorable.

You can read more about John Brown , who the show is based on; here.

Good ey?

Ok now that you have watched that go find me a DeFi project where I can turn $500 into $1500 in a week...

I will wait...

Although I have the majority of my funds in CubDefi which we all know about by now, I do have a little aside risking the biscuit for quick returns. It is hard though, real hard as in I have to research for like 30min to get a sense of whether something is worth it...

Currently I am in the Fulcrum BSC crosschain farm just chilling making the same returns as on CubDefi for a 3rd of the value so I will take that as a win and by end of the week probably look for something else.

Find something yet?

Governance and Duty

Recently quite a few posts have been made on LeoFinance about plagiarism. It is to be expected since trends seem to be the way and no one loves a bandwagon more than Hive communities, Youtube ... come to think of it I guess everyone loves trends.

I don't... Mostly.

Hopefully these people do their due diligence and consider the origin of those posts and check for cross-posting. There is no reason to go full jungle justice and then your dumb ass is flagging people for trying to turn an honest penny.

Plagiarism checking is definitely a very labour intensive task but something that is not would be "distribution control". We have a very 1:1 look at our stake and what we can reward and how much.

I have always been a fan of a more influence sphere approach since the more you vote someone the less value you ought to give them so that although over time you still give them a lot of value the system forces a "tax" not allowing you to dump so much constantly in one account.

Governance, however... Well rather code than people , and by that I mean governance should be sufficiently flexible that changes in an account's behaviour would affect what their stupid pie hole is able to decide... Fuck people are trash...

Anyway, code should sufficiently account for the fact that people are shit and should weigh that up.

**As a test I posted this from Ecency but used the LeoFinance tag because for some reason I have been thinking they only reward posts from their interface. Turns out this is not the case and the tag does allow LEO rewards. I think this is a mistake for communities and will go a long way to establish Primary content and Secondary.

Communities that wish to have their token only rewarded to "pure blood" content should consider only rewarding posts from their interface. The tag can be used to list posts that are not considered purely on topic yet has a tangible link to the community.

Something to consider @leofinance @proofofbrainio , my thoughts on how communities are "categorized" for further reading.


I turned $200 worth of dCrops Alpha packs into $600 worth in about a month, by sitting on them and earning interest in Hive, to boot.

Nice I will give it a look when I have patience, I have to give brewmaster a proper breakdown look also although I think with dcrop I can just buy shit and get on with it. So guess that is the game plan haha.

I’ve looked at that one and messed around with it but so far it’s really just not grabbing me.