A Look at New Hive Account Creation in 2023 | Total Created, Claimed and Top Creators

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Hive accounts unique and human readable. Some will argue that each account is a specific NFT. There is a lot of truth to that. Because of these unique and human readable names, Hive accounts come at cost. When a new account is created it needs to be stored forever on the blockchain. Unlike BTC or ETH where accounts are in a random format of symbols and letters on Hive users choose their names. Ethereum even has a specific app, the ENS domains, that is used to create human readable ETH addresses.

This initial cost is somewhat an entry barrier for new accounts, but apps are mitigating this. Apps like Splinterlands, InLeo, Ecency etc, all offer accounts to their users. Lets take a look at the new Hive accounts creation in 2023.


There are now 2.5M Hive accounts. Unlike the other blockchains like BTC or ETH, Hive has human readable account names. This comes at a cost as the chain needs to store these values forever. That’s why the Hive accounts are not free and unlimited to mint, as each of them is a type of NFT.

Creating Hive accounts is the costliest operation on the blockchain. Hive accounts can be minted from the current HP holders using RCs credits if they have enough HP/RCs. Otherwise, they can be minted with HIVE at a cost of 3 HIVE per account. This cost is set by the witnesses.

The option for creating accounts with RCs, or sometimes perceived as the free accounts require users to first claim account as an account token, that can be then used for creating accounts. Not all claimed accounts are created. Claimed accounts are not transferable yet.

Here we will be looking into the following:

  • Number of accounts created per day
  • Number of accounts created per month and year
  • HIVE burned for creating accounts
  • Total accounts created
  • Claimed VS Created accounts
  • Top accounts creators
  • Top accounts claims

For context we will be looking at the period from the very beginning of the chain, March 2016 till today., with a focus on 2023.

Number of Accounts Created

Here is the chart for the overall accounts created.


Here we can see the two spikes in the overall period of Hive existence. First in 2017, especially towards the end of 2017 and the beginning of 2018.

The second spike is in September 2021 where on occasions there were more than 20k accounts created in a day. This was because of the demand for accounts coming from Splinterlands at the time.

We can notice that in the last period the number of new accounts has dropped.

If we zoom in 2023 we get this:


A smaller number of daily accounts created in 2023, with almost a steady rate of around 100 per day, with occasional spikes. There is one spike toward the end of April 2023, when there were more than 500 accounts created daily for a week or two. 100 accounts daily is a record low for a year. Even in the previous bear market in 2020 there was somewhere around 200 accounts created daily.

The monthly chart for new accounts looks like this:


A similar pater as for the daily chart, with a bit clearer representation.
We can see the spikes back in 2017 and 2018 and again in September-October 2021. The chart here is cut off at 100k max, but in September 2021 there was a record high of 276k accounts created in a month.

In 2023 the number of accounts created per month is around 4k.

On a yearly basis we have this:


The record high year in creating new accounts has been 2021 when there were 910k accounts created. In the last year, 2023, there were almost 50k accounts created that is a yearly low. Previously 2020 was the year with the lowest number of accounts of 75k.

Total Accounts Created

When we sum the above, we get this.


We can see here the increase in the numbers of accounts in 2017, when the accounts number reached more than 1M. Then a period with a gradual increase and then even steeper growth in 2021, and now again a slow down.

At the moment there are 2.48M Hive accounts.

HIVE Burned for Creating Accounts

As mentioned above there is a cost for the HIVE accounts, RCs, or 3 HIVE. Here is the chart for the HIVE burned for creating accounts.


This is an all-time chart, starting from 2016.

Cumulative there is 4.5M HIVE burned for creating accounts in the whole period.
We can notice the sharp growth back in September 2021, this again because of the demand for HIVE accounts for Splinterlands. Almost 2M HIVE was burned back then.

Since then, the line has been almost flat. In 2023 a total of 20k HIVE was burned for creating new accounts, out of which the @hive-recovery accounts is dominant with 10k HIVE burned.

Claimed VS Created Accounts

Claimed accounts are like sort of a buffer of accounts. Accounts with high HP claim accounts that later can be used for accounts creation. Not all claimed accounts are created.
Here is the chart for claimed VS created accounts.


There as some oscillations in the number of claimed accounts per day, but overall, the number is around 2100 accounts claimed daily.

The number of accounts created can vary a lot, but as seen above we are far bellow the 2k daily accounts claimed now, and this number is around 100.

Around 4M accounts were claimed, while somewhere around 1.3M accounts tokens have been used. This means that users on Hive hold around 2.7M accounts creation tokens.

Top Accounts Creators

Here is who created most of the accounts in 2023.


@ocdb is on the top with almost 11k accounts created, followed by @leo.voter and @appreciator.
@steemmonsters, the formal absolute champion in creating accounts is in the fourth place in 2023 with 3.4k accounts created.

Top Accounts Claims

At the end the chart for who has claimed most of the accounts in 2023.


This chart mostly follows the HP holdings that the accounts have.

@ocdb has is on the top with more than 86k accounts claimed, followed by the @appreciator account on the second spot. @blocktrades comes on the third spot.

All the best


I think the value of Hive and HBD are the ones who dictate how many accounts are created as we all know there are always people coming when they hear about lots of easy money rather than staying and bringing their contribution à la longue to make this happen and be a stable situation for everybody :)

Yes, the price is a big factor, but we need to find another way to attract users, then just the price.

The problem, if I may chip in, is the "we". Decentralised systems embody the story of "Everybody, Somebody, Anybody and Nobody". "We" is everybody, and each of us think somebody will do it because anybody could do it, but in the end nobody does it. And here we are, waiting for the tide of prices to bring in new little crabs, out of which preciously few will remain "stranded on Hive" when the tide will ebb ...

For WE in this case, since it is a PoS system, just look at the top 20 holding HP

I know from doing the BritList than we are not getting many new accounts. I have plenty of tokens to create them. I sometimes offer that service to people for free. It's up to them to change the keys.

Yep, its been a slow grind, and almost everyone seems to have extra accounts now.

Well some do. I have a few for various things, but only the main one earns much. We need more unique people.

This is quite interesting and i am more interested in 2 things.

First of all can we see somehow how many of these accounts are active? In terms of daily/weekly/monthly? I believe this is the most important info for all of us to see. Now the second thing that caught my attention is the following:

The record high year in creating new accounts has been 2021 when there were 910k accounts created. In the last year, 2023, there were almost 50k accounts created which is a yearly low. Previously 2020 was the year with the lowest number of accounts of 75k.

This means that pretty much 2023 was the worst year. Ofc it has to do with the bear market but i strongly believe that it highlights something else entirely. It shows that basically what we do as a community, tribes and the proposals that are passing through the DHF are pretty much worthless. They basically don't attract people, don't work and we waste money.

Ofc that doesn't apply to every project or community but i 100% believe that is one of the reasons we get a record low. A lot of people behind many projects and communities aren't actually adding any value to Hive, they basically taking advantage of Hive and the ecosystem.

I think that we need collectively to change that. The economic situation of the majority of people out there is getting worse basically everywhere. Thus, mostly everyone would like to earn something extra and can only invest his/her time. Hive is for them! Hive is all for all the creators and builders out there who want to create something but somehow we only attract a very tiny portion of them...

We need to think and work each one of us with their way, but with the same mindset though, to make Hive a better place

First of all can we see somehow how many of these accounts are active? In terms of daily/weekly/monthly?

I posted a post on active accounts a week ago.

As for the rest, yes having some action to try and improve things is prety much welcomed!

I wonder how many of the created accounts in 2023 are still active today.

May be all accounts are active. Cause there are possibilities that some users use accounts daily while some dont use too often. But may be there is some way to detect this too.

Not much

Hive is a little stuck we need some traction. Bet on new projects and stop supporting some old ones that are not working correctly.

Can you specify?

any chance u could check amount of accounts created by @ocd as that's our onboarding program?

nvm just saw it on the list, lol

627 :)

Great information. I really wonder how you gathered all this data. I mean which site tells all this information u shared above. Sorry if asked silly question. I am new here n still trying to learn things quickly so asking just out of curiosity.

I'm getting the data from hivesql, a sql database for the Hive chain

Looks like 2023 is dying on its arse. Can we not give Splinterlands some DHF funds to increase their marketing campaign to get more users signing up?

That might work :)

Will inactive accounts and projects overload the system after a while and cause it to lose value?

Thank you for this information
The main thing to do is how to keep our new accounts active

Creating an account and making use of it is what people should do.

I have seen posts on ocdb creating accounts by teaching people what the blockchain is all about, and that's very brilliant.

Hi @dalz could you post about the most popular dapps of 2023?

Popular by what metric? By users its Splinterlands

Crazy to see how much effect projects like splinterlands have! Would be great if a similar buzz happens in the future to bring in a jump in users!

Thanks so much for the info. Its comprehensive and insightful.


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Now as we have seen that the market has started to go up, we will also see a lot of new people coming in on this project because the price is much more important than if the price was higher. If so, people's interest is also very high. Due to low value in the project, people stop using the project.

Both the values of hive and HBD according to my perspective is compensating each other actually

Thank you so much for sharing this stats

Wow, those swings in new users are staggering, wouldn't have thought such a burst from price or splinter, guess its hard to keep generating new interest. So many systems out there, I'm not suprised though that new users drop off so fast. Seems everyone just forks a new chain and runs it. So many started from steem/hive even, let along all the other social networks out there.