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Ecency is probably the most comprehensive Hive dapp with web site, desktop application and phone app. Its phone app is the most used app for a general Hive experience with notification system and all. They have a relatively easy build sign un process and creating Hive accounts with just a mail verification.

Ecency has been around for a long time, and it has went trough a process of rebranding when the Hive fork happened from its previous version eSteem. Ecency has been building for years with no hype around the app, but just providing a nice experience, especially on the mobile side.

Let’s take a look at some of the data.

Here we will take a look at the activity on the platform, the overall number of posts and comments, and the number of users. The top content creators for the last month will be presented as well.

The period that we will be looking at is from the creation of the app on Hive, Aug 2020 till now.


First let us see the number of posts coming from the Ecency.

Here is the chart.

We can see that at the start the app was not heavily used but then it grew by a lot, especially in 2021. The all time high for daily posts has been at the beginning of 2022, where there was 1k post per day. Since then, the activity dropped but not as much. The biggest drop was in the summer of 2021 when there was around 600 post per day. Since then the number of posts on ecency has been in the range of 600 to 800 post daily. A steady numbers in the last year.

We can say that from the summer of 2022 we have almost constant numbers of posts, that is good having in mind the continuous decrease in the prices in crypto.


The chart above was only about posts.
What about comments?

Here is the number of comments made per day from Ecency.

The growth in the numbers of comments has been even more significant then the posts. From 1k at first to 8k at the top in October 2022. In the last year the numbers of comments has dropeed a bit. This is understandable having in mind the prices in crypto.

In the recent period there is 5k to 6k comments made daily from the ecency frontend.

Posts and Comments`

When we combine the posts and comments on one chart we get this.

This chart is mainly driven by the comments, since there number is higher. We can see the top for the numbers of posts and comments are not aligned. The ATH for posts was at the being of 2022, while the ATH for comments was at the end of 2022. This is where the overall activity was highest with 8.5k posts and comment made per day back in November 2022.

Since then the overall activity has dropped by a bit and we are now in the range of 6k to 7k posts and comments made daily.

When we plot the numbers on a monthly timeframe we get this.

A growth up until August 2022, and almost contant numbers since then. A very small decline in the overall acitivity on Ecency even though it has been a hard year for the crypto prices.


How about the numbers of the authors on the Ecency. How many accounts are posting?

Here is a chart for the monthly numbers of accounts posting.

After the initial growth back in 2020 and 2021, in the last period we have almost constant numbers of MAUs on Ecency. There is around 4k MAUs since May 2022. A very steady number of users. The ATH was back in January 2022 with 5.8k MAUs.

Next the number of unique authors that posted from Ecency. These are authors that posted directly through the frontend.

The number of unique Ecency authors is showing continuous growth.

There is a total of 25k unique authors that have used Ecency to post. In 2023 there has been 3.5k new unique authors trying the frontend for the first time.

Authors That Posted The Most

Here is the rank of the authors that posted the most in November 2022.

The top accounts have posted almost 100 posts in a month from Ecency, while the once on the bottom of the chart are with around 60 posts.

Overall, we can see that there has been a very small decrease in the activity coming from Ecency with almost constant numbers for activity and users in the last year. Around 4k MAUs for Ecency making around 600 post daily and 6k comments.

Let’s see can the app perform better in the next period and hopefully in better market conditions.

All the best


I'm going to be honest. These stats blow my mind at really opening my eyes to how small hive is and these front ends. 4k people a day from all over the world is like nothing.

Yea it is. We have been niche for a while now. Even a small scale adoption will push numbers here a lot!
In total there is around 10k MAUs on all the Hive frontends, making posts or comments. What's interesting is that in terms of MAUs, the numbers for account making transfers of HIVE/HBD is bigger and it is around 15k. Then next are votes/curation, and accounts making custom_json, aka games are into the 100k MAUs.

Very nice stats. I started with another app but when I tried Ecency I stucked with it and now with the deck function and waves it got even better. What is even more important was that the Ecency family was nice and welcomed me very nice on Hive and discord. Also the devs are working 24/7 it seems and everytime you note that something isn't working, they are fixing it sometimes even in just a few minutes.

I like using ecency app , because I found it easy to use it , it very good for me when I am creating post , I love it.
Thanks for sharing

Excelente plataforma dentro de Hive la he usado y me parece genial, incluso da otras recompensas en otras Criptomonedas, aparte de Hive.

I'm a ecency user and I really love to use it. It is seamless to use. the Point feature is simply great, where user can spend the point they have earned by commenting or post to apply for the vote. thanks for this detailed review about ecency.

Eccency is really gaining massive attention

i use ecency daily, for me is my favorite front end

Ecency one of the best in Hive specially app using
Thanks for showing its activities

Many thanks Dalz, it is good of you to provide this overview.

Pretty good stats overall, let's hope they continue to increase and we see more users adopting web3. Thanks for sharing.

Do you also have stats on the Ecency point system?

What exactly?

E.g. how many were generated and via which route, how many were spent and for what (promotion, boost, etc.), top earners

I dont have all that info ... not sure how the points works, as I have not looked deep into them, and are the boosting stored in some way on chain.

Never mind. I heard they sooner or later wanted to get listed on Hive-Engine. So I guess latest by then there will be more transparency.

Wow, that's amazing. I started using ecency recently and i liked it without a doubt. The top author with almost 100 post in a month, wow !

I like the point you can promote or boost your posts