Rise of Hispanic Hive continues in May, but at a slower pace

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In 2023, Hive has been becoming increasingly Hispanic. That trend has continued in May, though the pace of increase has slowed. Below you can see the monthly totals of posts tagged 'spanish'.

Spanish Posts Per Month.PNG

Here is the same thing shown daily, along with moving averages.

Spanish Posts Daily.PNG

Another way of looking at it is the "Hispanic Hive Index", which shows the proportion of all posts made which are tagged 'spanish'. As can be seen, it has risen in May but the pace slowed down a bit.

Hispanic Index.PNG

I also argued recently that the Hispanic community appears to be less price sensitive than the network overall. That trend also continued in May. You can see it by comparing overall posts per day to spanish-tagged posts per day, with a price overlay. Note that price is shown in log scale.

Price Overlay Total.PNG

Price Overlay.PNG

Price is going down, but Hispanic Hivers keep on posting.


I was hoping it would keep increasing into a virtuous cycle. Seems like that's going to take a bull market unfortunately.

That kind of virtuous cycle is very possible but requires more powerful network effects. What we are seeing in Sucre, Venezuela could be the beginnings of that, but if so, it would still be very early days. Even in our best location, out highest penetration rate is on the order of 0.1% of people in the city of Cumana, which is tiny. 1 in 1000 people you meet there is an active Hiver, so if you talked to 100 people you'd probably not even meet one (but I'd suggest you probably have a better chance of meeting someone who has at least heard of Hive...).

These kinds of networks only have meaningful value to most people at around 15% penetration rate, because only then is there a good chance you have friends on the network. Until then, not everyone wants to be a blogger, and the network only has so much money to pay out to creators to keep them interested.

Slow and steady wins the race ;) I congrats the Spanish people for this slow but continues growth.

Hive still doing pretty great according the charts

Not only in Spanish but i think hive is growing everywhere 😃

Hive is most certainly not growing everywhere. It is currently broadly in decline.

But i see mostly people join hive, but i can't compare the ratio of early year's or this year

For the network to grow, users must not only join but stay active for long enough that they also bring their friends.

Yes, you're right too

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It's amazing that Hispanic Hivers keep showing up and posting. I hope this means they get to stay longer and probably bring more of their friends. Thank you for the stats.

It is that for the majority of Spanish speakers, hive really offers an alternative with a lot of value, there is a refuge currency, there are rewards and also learning.

The way we see the Spanish tag being used more and more throughout the day and it's great that more user is coming. As the market gets a little better, we will see a lot of new users on this platform from all over the world as people stop using it while the price are decreasing.