Weekly report: How much HIVE is stored on the exchanges? - June 9, 2021

The charts below show how much HIVE is stored on each exchange where HIVE is listed.

Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange!

HIVE stored on all exchanges


HIVE stored on Huobi


HIVE stored on Binance


HIVE stored on Bittrex


HIVE stored on Upbit


HIVE stored on Bithumb


HIVE stored on Probit


HIVE stored on Ionomy


HIVE stored on MXC


HIVE stored on Ethereum (WHIVE)


How much HIVE is currently stored on each exchange?


ExchangeBalanceLast weekChange%
Huobi14,583,527 HIVE13,847,661 HIVE+735,866 HIVE+5.3%
Binance43,599,000 HIVE44,088,947 HIVE-489,947 HIVE-1.1%
Bittrex13,146,926 HIVE13,340,070 HIVE-193,144 HIVE-1.4%
Upbit55,155,702 HIVE54,735,557 HIVE+420,145 HIVE+0.8%
Bithumb3,731,724 HIVE4,126,297 HIVE-394,573 HIVE-9.6%
Probit117,442 HIVE118,501 HIVE-1,059 HIVE-0.9%
Ionomy36,627 HIVE35,325 HIVE+1,302 HIVE+3.7%
MXC56,429 HIVE56,770 HIVE-341 HIVE-0.6%
Ethereum (WHIVE)20,385 HIVE21,007 HIVE-622 HIVE-3.0%

Total amount of HIVE stored on all exchanges: 130,447,762 HIVE
Total HIVE supply: 381,273,557 HIVE
Non-Vested HIVE: 243,888,097 HIVE

  • 34.2% of the total supply is stored on the exchanges.
  • 53.5% of all non-vested HIVE is stored on the exchanges.

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Can you add hbd to this so we can watch how much comes home after the hardfork?

Came here to suggest that.

If I'm correct, only Upbit and Bittrex list HBD. I'm going to add the HBD balance of these two exchanges to my weekly report.

ExchangeHBD Balance
Upbit4,175,517 HBD
Bittrex412,944 HBD
Total4,588,461 HBD

Yeah, less than half.
Can you see how much is held liquid/in savings in the hive?

Binance/deepcrypto8 doesn't have it?
Should blocktrades' hot wallet be on there?

@deepcrypto8 has 22,452 HBD in their wallet, but HBD is not listed in Binance.

Blocktrades (with only 1506 HBD in its hot wallet) is a non-custodial exchange.

Well, looks like hbd is pretty well distributed.

Thanks for adding those two.

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