Weekly report: How much HIVE is stored on the exchanges? - October 6, 2021

The charts below show how much HIVE is stored on each exchange where HIVE is listed.

Rule #1 in the crypto world: Don't store your cryptocurrencies on an exchange!

HIVE stored on all exchanges


HIVE stored on Upbit


HIVE stored on Binance


HIVE stored on Huobi


HIVE stored on Bittrex


HIVE stored on Bithumb


HIVE stored on CoinEx


HIVE stored on Probit


HIVE stored on Ionomy


HIVE stored on MXC


HIVE stored on Ethereum (WHIVE)


How much HIVE is currently stored on each exchange?


ExchangeBalanceLast weekChange%
Upbit57,414,408 HIVE49,118,025 HIVE+8,296,383 HIVE+16.9%
Binance25,843,665 HIVE26,292,832 HIVE-449,167 HIVE-1.7%
Huobi5,227,330 HIVE8,910,606 HIVE-3,683,276 HIVE-41.3%
Bittrex11,429,382 HIVE12,847,201 HIVE-1,417,819 HIVE-11.0%
Bithumb4,392,535 HIVE3,458,220 HIVE+934,315 HIVE+27.0%
CoinEx129,115 HIVE79,673 HIVE+49,442 HIVE+62.1%
Probit88,179 HIVE96,869 HIVE-8,690 HIVE-9.0%
Ionomy16,522 HIVE27,303 HIVE-10,781 HIVE-39.5%
MXC56,018 HIVE22,762 HIVE+33,256 HIVE+146.1%
Ethereum (WHIVE)18,795 HIVE18,795 HIVE0 HIVE+0.0%

Total amount of HIVE stored on all exchanges: 104,615,949 HIVE
Total HIVE supply: 357,795,915 HIVE
Non-Vested HIVE: 209,975,631 HIVE

  • 29.2% of the total supply is stored on the exchanges.
  • 49.8% of all non-vested HIVE is stored on the exchanges.

HBD on the exchanges

ExchangeHBD Balance
Upbit18,280,936 HBD
Bittrex561,143 HBD
Total18,842,079 HBD

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I guess it's clear where the pump is coming from - UpBit yet again.

Thanks for the update.i know I have much Hive on binance.planning to buy more once the price of HIVE start selling.

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Thanks for the update, we see buying and selling in different exchanges.

hehe, some dumping to due higher prices going on

Hi, you have not listed Cryptex24 is it because exchange volume is quite low ?

As far as I know there's is only 2,053 HIVE stored on Cryptex24... Almost nothing.

Hi @penguinpablo is there any way I can contact you trough discord or something?

I don't use Discord. Let me know here on Hive if you have any questions.


Fascinating, especially in light of the huge pump last night...