I'm rich but worthless

I should say
That I'm rich
There are many treasures in my house

Green towering mountains
My garden garden is stunningly wide
My nature is green
My sea is panoramic without cloudy
My earth is abundant







My fish are fresh and millions
I have mines in the house
Acres of oil palm plantations everywhere
My industrial area each region
With many workers

But why
Why am I still hungry everyday
Why am I still unemployed for days
Why .....
The bridge column is my palace
Used cardboard is my soft mattress
Shredded cloth is the lining of my skin
Promag is my breakfast
I'm confused with my house

I feel
I'm a stranger in my own house
My house has a lot of produce
Mine, industrial area
But chose he slanted-eyed riding
Than me who was born in the womb of the mother

The head of my family spends a lot of money
For those who are poor
For those who don't have food
For those who don't have a comfortable home
For those who don't have a job
in fact I never met
I'm still Hungry for days
I'm still sleeping under the bridge column
I'm still unemployed every day
I'm still living uncomfortable

I just want to say
My house has many treasures
My house has it all
But my house is the poorest house in the world
The worst house in the universe
Maybe Motherland is sad to see it
Until sadness gives disaster

I am those who are isolated in their own home
I am those who are hungry changed to eat
I am those who have no work at work
I am those who sleep uncomfortably in the palace
I am those who can't do anything
Have Nothing