long walk, orange twilight lit up
standing tents enliven the golden sun
wide stretches, like a field
left rumbling, right big, as if fortified

long walk, east to west. cold feeling
sweet flowers waving, as if to be plucked. but i refuse







the colorful clothes of the tourists, add to the shyness
twilight and the golden sun panorama, a treat from nature
I thank you, for God's work

footsteps stopped, there was a silhouette of a woman standing
admiring the twilight, staring at it non-stop
I asked to take it out, both of us were standing we didn't know that for sure

We are the same goal, but we are different
one goal to enjoy the beauty of the sunset
It's different I'm a teenager, you're a grown woman

under the twilight sky, we talk
even though the words have no meaning
but me, you we become a meaning
joking and having fun as if you've known each other for a long time

the sun is setting, the twilight is gone
damn black replaces, becomes dark
Finally we go home, different goals
and everything becomes a memory I will never forget
I will never forget