The view on the beautiful mountain

"Hello twilight lover friends?

Come back with me @irwanis on this occasion I want to share photos you guys like, namely the beautiful sunset in the afternoon

I used to love you and I thought it was natural. But until now that feeling still exists and continues to grow until it overwhelms reason.

Ever wanted to express, but
Can't because of a difference.

Until all of that made me so restless, but it's okay I continue everything like nothing ever happened even though my heart is restless.







Seeing you from afar is enough for me, because even if I get closer, it will only end in vain, because of my inability to knock on the door of your closed heart.

Only the words when and if are what I always put together when my memory goes to you, because that's all I can and I can afford.

Someone once suggested that I express, maybe he cares about me so that I don't always suffer because of a feeling.

But yeah, I'll just live it all, let me try my best even though I finally reap disappointed.
That's okay
I deserve it and deserve it.

I still want to keep everything
Behind the words always and hopefully
What I have justified in every prayer
Always happy for you.

That's all and so in this post, see you in the next post


Original Image@irwanis

Thank you very much to everyone who has been present in my post, see you in the next post.




Beautiful sunset, surely the atmosphere there is very cool and reassuring 👏😊

Tpi itume meapam, kop na teh

Hahaa, mandum na proses, konsisten aju post tip uroe, nteuk icoh keudroe 😁🤝

Tetap semangat


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