Beautiful twilight

The sun is starting to dim
blue sky turns orange
thousands of stares
With the sound of the waves
The heart is calm and the memory of the brain begins to play
The boat passed, the birds chirped dancing, the situation was getting better.
The orange sky is starting to disappear, the darkness is starting to cover
The situation is so scary
Uneasy heart invites me to go home.

"See you beautiful sunset,
Thank you for accompanying the end of my day







I hold the longing in the wound
Wailing in the dark sulking is beautiful
Time doesn't care about the wound
Lying body hugging pain at the end of the twilight

Only shadows exist in fantasy
Supporting a smile embroidered in fragility
I'm isolated in a lonely corner
Hugged silently in lamentation and weeping

I only praise the full moon
Draw your face in the light
I caress you in the eyelids
Biased in the longing that cuts the wound

My hands are shaking in hope
Slow to write your name in lament rhyme
My fingers are not graceful to write words
Giving birth to a feeling in the womb of love

This is the rhyme of the lost adventurer
Scratched under the majestic stars
This is the rhyme of the lost adventurer
Thrown away in the dim depths