Beautiful and meaningful twilight

To my twilight
Silently I ask
In silence I pray
In the heart there is still a name
In silence I hope
In silence I surrender
In my silence full of your name
my gun
My heart always wants
But my hands can't
I miss you always
But sometimes your heart looks fake
my gun
I wish you were my old twilight
My gun is still the same
My weapon hasn't changed
My gun is always there
For the heart that receives
Twilight knows no pain







It's raining outside honey
Heavy mixed with wind
Do you feel cold
Accept steeping a cup of hot tea
from me
Hopefully it's enough to get rid of your cold
Please accept this old jacket of mine
It's just enough
Warm your shivering body

Unfortunately so far my dream is not real
The words just now are just my dream
I am the dreamer
in consciousness

Even thoughts about you often chase me until it enters my every night's sleep
present and stop in every dream I miss

Even though I know
The real truth
You're just my illusion
Only in dreams I can't really have
Your heart and body are now in the arms and hands of others

To express longing
I can't be afraid of sin
Between us Obstructed the sacred bond that wraps around your fingers
Now all that's left is my longing and regret

If only I could turn back time
I will be more careful
I will avoid that point
The moment where we have to part and be separated right

I'm too late to realize
That you mean a lot
All this time I was just in confusion
Where should I start my struggle?
To get you back
After we were separated at that time

For my stupidity
I have to accept the bitter payment

Now you're really gone
Close the door of hope
My chance to get you back is really locked

My pray
be happy in the life you are living now
Let me live this suffering
Alone and alone
When I can
Bury deep in longing and forbidden love

Until the time I write this poem
You haven't been replaced
My efforts to stay away and erase the story about us met a dead end
Even though I tried many times
looking for a cure for longing
But I haven't been treated yet
It's more painful that I get and I meet