Beautiful charm of dusk

Twilight never breaks a promise
Dusk will come every day
Twilight never offers wounds
Twilight is always the antidote to longing

Like twilight,
Love without BUT never intends to leave
Even if it hurts to step aside every day
Even if the wound gets every time
Love WITHOUT BUT will never go away!!







On the gray west horizon
Reddish orange mega-mega
Draw a beautiful cloud
Perches the colors of splendor
There are no curves that are really sweet and spoiled
There is no melody that is loud and rhythmic
There are no beautiful words that can describe it
But as beautiful as the sunset
Likewise for someone there
The feeling of love that I feel
The love I have
The feeling of longing forever
come to me
I can't say
But I'm drawing
Like the sunset
Your name has been beautifully engraved in my heart
Your smile that always shakes my soul
The look in your eyes that always appears at night before my sleep
The shadow of your face that is always present in my solitude
Your behavior and attitude that often makes me fall in love with you
Stay there, be the sunset that I always look forward to