The twilight is amazingly beautiful

Since you left.... That's where the rhyme started. Not to describe my broken heart. But just want to relieve a little feeling in the tight chest.


Just what it is.  Don't need too much
Lots of demands.  Twilight doesn't
Have you ever asked God to do it?
Longer to accompany humans








My passion flows
Flooding the rancid remembrance
The debris remains the shadow
Tucked in the window of grief

I don't want to faint anymore
Crying bitter kiss
Laraku has been washed away by the rain
Dripping in the cold language of silence

Let me joke with the stars for a moment
Dissolving for a moment the imagination at a glance of shadows
Let me make peace with the moon
Letting go of romance in honesty

I enjoy myself
The rain of your love has been eroded by time
Sorry this piece of heart has moved on
Make your story a foothold

Sorry my heart
All this time I forced you to lick your heart
Get out of the shackles
Look, so much romance awaits

It seems that my passion is sparking writing poetry
Seducing the dawn with white jasmine rhymes
I'm just waiting for my wings to heal for a moment
Then fly away leaving memories in the blue clouds

I miss sky garden
Where the petals of laughter bloom without pain
I miss who is the gentle angel
The one painted in the twilight at the end of the day

I'm sure tomorrow the seagulls will sing
Sing a nature song that I like
on top of the pine cones
Back I gave a prayer will be happy