I love this powerful photo

in Sunset Photography2 years ago

Today is light cloudy and rainy, the heavy snow that comes here will melt very quickly. two more days and then it's like a muddy back.

But I took a photo of this beautiful natural landscape yesterday when the sun was hot and the sky was blue. Sorry it's only three photos, busy day reading all hive pages, here the last two days are very much happening.




I'm interested in what people see in my photos. That's why I also explain a bit of my drawings, it helps me understand what other people are thinking and seeing. Soon I will post a new photo. Here, I used the Sony NEX-5T 16-50mm camera lens and the realme 5 pro phone app.

I try to bring new pictures here every day, and it's not easy, because the pictures don't always want to come, sometimes I have to be patient and wait.