Sunsets Around the World

in Sunset Photography10 months ago

Hello everyone


Sunset always gives me peace of mind whether I'm lonely or daydreaming because I always interpret life in my own way.

Sometimes rhyme with the rhythm menu of the birth day of life when I think of the problem even though it still tries its best.






Holding on to longing for the stomping steps.
Crush day of dream crochet.
For a moment...the traffic drifted over.

I still remember those eyes
Devouring greedily the beautiful curves of the night body
Embracing the dark, hugging astray.

How not... this quiet seems to reign
Poisoning sends a flood of misery.
Let it be our story.
About the starless night
About a divided heart.
About me and him.

For you....yes for you...

Thank you so much for your visit until you see you in the next post